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Most forgotten player
aslak roca uzzziii sf GMX raalz imo seized too
Who is the tallest pro?
I highly doubt that. Since i have played since 2005, i assume my knowledge of the game is way above yours. Anyway it is not racism if i lowkey call your esports scene shit since it is absolute garbage...
kinda ironic that argentinian says anything like that to pretty much anyone. + U should stop playing shooters since u want to take out a gun that has been in the game from the start. Get better or sto...
Tyloo in b03
mibr will be out before playoffs. 1-3 eZ
ENCE vs Renegades
Turkish idiots on ESEA
Turkish people are the same on every 3rd party site. go faceit? Turkish people only spam something about fucking mom or something and it is same in esea.
g2 bunch of bots
I'm sorry to dissapoint u with facts but this one medkit guy named maniac has been in major playoffs three times. Your scene(oskar) has only been in three majors. Your scene=medkit scene.
It rly affects momentum when there are half hour delays mid game.
Should Swag be unbanned? (Strawpoll)
signed up on hltv 2k18. I rly doubt about your bet on that match.
Should Swag be unbanned? (Strawpoll)
It wasn't just his fault they threw and if those big '' gamblers '' are so mature they should let this guy be free since he was a kid back then.
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
wtf are you talking about? fnatics peak was like 2k14-2k15 not when brazilians dominated
ZYWOO V2 s1mple
They both have 1.34 2.0 rating past 3 months on lan. Only difference is that s1mple has only played against top teams. Zywoo has played 80% of his games against tier 2-3. Not denying talent of zywoo b...
Ugliest flag?
sergej interview
Ei kai siinä sitten