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On top of #9 He also shat on Ex6 on video and then when the new lineup was being formed he tried to brown nose his way on by talking g about how great Ex6 is and he’s the best igl and he wants to play...
That’s the joke....
FaZe ScreaM
Damn +309 K/D
FaZe ScreaM
ScreaM has no experience with calling? Gold nova spotted
kick kane pls
Comes to show how a “good” igl is overrated af.
Scream 1vs5
Vitality is crushing this #213th ranked team right now. Top 1 soooon. Highest ranked team they’ve played for a while luuuul
Scream 1vs5
>vitalty fan talking smack >vitality playing (and losing) against tier 472729485 teams. >that’s where vitality stands now Even Envy is playing against tier 1-2 and that says a lot
Refreshing to hear that name and someone knows who hitchens is. I miss that guy and he would’ve done so much good in today’s world. It’s realy tragic he passed bc the world needed that guy most today...
zywoo cheating
Very fishy player. I’ve seen him prefire the most unlikely spots in situations where it’s better to stay quiet than “gamble” and give your position away (but his “gamble” somehow is always right) But...
NPC spotted. Ben Shapiro bad. Oreng man bad.
Europe since the migrant crisis.
They’re a criminal the moment they illegally cross that border by definition. If a family of random people walked into your home and popped a squat and wouldn’t leave, you wouldn’t call the police to ...
You’re comparing Shapiro to the “Democratic” socialist occasio Cortez? Go home man, you’re drunk.
I miss LG line up
You miss a bunch of cheaters? Lmaooo
Europe army
Won’t happen. It’d cost too much and would collapse the social welfare system since many EU countries as is haven’t been paying USA for protection for many many years.
LOL blaming coach for being bad.