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Fallen crying
fallen is a god
[18+] If you could have sex with 1 celebrity
zooey something i don't remember her last name.
Girl problem!
just ask yourself : what FalleN would do? thats how i found my gf
Most hated player. Your top 5 ?
1. s1MPLE 2. HIKO 3. taz 4. device 5. stewie2k
TaZ delusional
lmao too bad for him, he already reached his peak, he can't go even further, don't matter how hard he practise.
Question to BR fans
isn't the palestine the place where peop kill thenselfs bec of a religion? id rather be a monkey than to be like then.
Thorin Was RIGHT (Foolrin)
thorin is retarded nothing new
steel interview
kkk man, we are so happy, i just don't know what to say
i arent think of that
Steel interview incoming?
yo man we are so happy! man i don't even know what to say, just man, man, thats the best day edver steel is funny
Thorin Idiot
thorin is just mad that his little team got DESTROYED thorin is nothing but a fanboy
Brazilians come here!
the cry is free. the true is that by the end of this sec US will not be jmainly of whites anymore. Also, sorry for the truth, but BR is whiter than america.
Brazilians come here!
see how retarded u are?thats history my friend. Let me explain to you. During the SEC XIX some things happened both in BR and the US mainly bec of the UK. The UK was kind of pressing the abolish the u...
Brazilians come here!
are u retarded?The only reason why the US census show a bigger white population in US is bec of Alaska and other millions of latinos that they put also as white. In Brazil lots of whites consider the...
fuck this crowd
agree worst major and worst crowd ever, i want so bad to vp to lose