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Flamie peak>top10player He just inconsistent, taco is consistently bad
60hz after 165hz looking like 30 fps. For example switch of weapons animation on 165hz is very smooth, on 60hz it looks like very fast slideshow of 4-5pics, u can easily count how much frames u see on...
In heroic he played good for tier 2 team, and that's like his consistent level, and moment when he jumped over his own head just turned off all minds. He wouldn't have this stats consistently. Imagine...
Man, his buyout is around 500k$. Its waste of money. And he got biggest salary in team after 1 good tournament, what a joke. He must play with consistent 1.2+ rating for those moneys. And that not pos...
He's decent player, but rn he is overrated. I knew that he is good player all time that he played in heroic, and fully understand that astralis picked him up. But this transfer to c9 is just a joke. H...
AMD people come here
90°C+ is just throttling temperature, where cpu will drop clocks
AMD people come here
It will. 3600x under turboboost is just too much for this aluminium pie
AMD people come here
Cooler needed if u want max performance by your PC. With stock cooler cpu will reach 90°C easily only at boost clocks (its autoOC, so i dont even consider it for real OC). Ofc u can turn off turboboos...
AMD people come here
Ofc u need better cooler with 4 heatpipes at min. 8gb of ram enough only for games before 2018 and some not so heavy games like sekiro
do u like ur pc?
I bought ryzen 2400g year ago for future upgrade and played cs with 150+- fps, which was a good deal, the whole pc cost me like 250$. At this spring i had more extra money than i expected, so i bought...
G2 vs Complexity
im betting only small amounts,10-20$, but quite regular. Its not affect my life, but sometimes i can make 500+$ from this and this will definetly affect my life
G2 vs Complexity
everything will be ok, your life just started and money not the main thing. As long as there people which will support u even in this stituaition ur life is not over yet. And reabilitation will take t...