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Luminosity vs Natus Vincere
calm down guys,just trolling
Luminosity vs Natus Vincere
LG removed inferno Navi removed dust2 LG picked Cobble Navi picked cache LG removed overpass Navi removed mirage train decider
Luminosity vs Natus Vincere
LG removed dust2 Ivan removed cache LG picked inferno Ivan picked Cobble LG removed train Ivan removed overpass
Which Map In The Current Competitive Map Pool Would You Replace And Why?
removed cobble,add new nuke
Simple join Navi 2016?
Zeus IGL Guardian AWP Simple entry Siezed lurker flamie support OMG NAVI back to 2010 where they best in the world only Sweden can challenge them: Flusha IGL Forest AWP olof entry Gtr luke...
worst t1 team
Tier2:C9,LG,Dig,Titan,G2 Tier3:HR,F3,Liquid,CLG
worst t1 team
Good,but i would remove titan and LG G2 from that list. they are too inconsistent for being tier 1 same as C9. Tier1:fnatic,ex tsm,envy,navi,vp,nip
MLG is gonna be shit
MLG major will has less viewer for sure.major in european is best for fan to watch.evening-midnight for asia,afternoon-evening for Eu,morning to evening for US.same as football
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
if edward play good,we will see a really good match Navi ban cache fnatic ban overpass Navi pick train 55-45 for navi fnatic pick dust2 50-50 Navi pick cobble 50-50 fnatic pick inferno 55-...
? vs fnatic
coz fnatic removed train and overpass,cobble and cache are not the map tsm want to play
? vs fnatic
TSM removed cobble fnatic removed overpass TSM picked mirage fnatic pick inferno TSM removed cache fnatic removed train
Natus Vincere vs Luminosity comment i've seen on HLTV so far.
NIP 2016: forest GTR Xizt Guardian pronax Confirmed by me