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Faze laugh thread
New team = more unpredictable = harder Astralis also did better with Rubino as a stand-in at a tournament earlier than with Device
magisk's face
#1 masterbaiter?
They're getting slowly better, like Gambit did when he joined I believe!
#1 masterbaiter?
Happy obv
explain your nickname
My friends always called me "Kimmi" because of my IRL name. When I was 14 I bought an "Alienware M14x" gaming laptop and just mixed my IRL nick with my new laptop's name = KimmiM14x. The year after I ...
Thoughts on mousesports?
Well that's $33K for a brand new one, not anything special
Your Salary (Monthly)
Student, so $800 USD a month in student loan :I But I have to work 60 hour weeks the whole summer to have enough for the school year, because $800 USD a month in Norway is impossible to survive on.
i5 7600k with 1060
Gonna try disabling HyperThreading, thanks for the information!
i5 7600k with 1060
You're lucky, all my friends that I used to play CS:GO with quit because they had micro stutters and lag during competitive games.. I also quit in November last year, and I just came back this week an...
i5 7600k with 1060
When I built the computer 1 1/2 year ago it was the perfect combo, a GTX 1080 Ti would benefit me way more than i7 8700K in most games, Back to when I played CS:GO in September last year I rarely drop...
i5 7600k with 1060
Nice bait
i5 7600k with 1060 My FPS
i5 7600k with 1060
Hard to tell because CS:GO is shit You SHOULD get 300-400 fps with this setup, and you will most likely get that, until you join a server with a lot of people and your FPS will probably be 100-200 (e...
New OpTic