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Top 3 cities for visit in ur country?
wtf is falafel ?
Well after a while they cant show their skills if they have not a good mentals.
Btw brazilians have really good skills but they dont have good mentals. This is more important than skills nowadays. Thats why too many brazilians going back home earlier.
TURKS come here
no omg they had children of course . Omfg u have really no brain. :D Well now i support trump cause of you #buildwall
TURKS come here
Well nerd learn then . Only Germany have too many turk immigration. You know why ? Cause they lost ww2 and need people to work at their factory. And they wanted turkish people from turkish goverment. ...
TURKS come here
TURKS come here
champions league winner 2019
i bet ajax will beat real madrid.
Palestine v isreal
yeah we fight together at talas war , became friends and accepted their religion. But what they done ? they betrayed us for stupid europeans . They all love money.
yeah we are maniac and killing civilians for fun. European talking about killing civilians lol.
Palestine v isreal
I hope israel will invade all arabic state. Idk why our president obssesed with arabs. I mean we hate arabs and they hate us to.
nato and some of usa pussy countries calling pkk is terrorist group . Also they killed 35.000 civilians .
Nba predicts day 5 + skin
76ers vs Knicks 1 Toronto vs Wizards 1 Milwaukee vs Atlanta 1 Houton vs Orlando 1 GSW vs Dallas 1 Portland vs Denver 1 Cavs vs Lakers 2
best country in the world?
France , russia and brazil can invade ur country and taste ur girls so easly . Topic is best countries not best to live.
best country in the world?
1.Usa 2.China 3.Japan 4.Germany 5.Uk 6.France 7.Russia 8.Brazil 9.India 10.Canada 11.South Korea 12.Australia