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germany car
Vw Up! 2012-2013 Be mature and make good use of your money.
Don't eat pork
+1 XD
Don't eat pork
Flag checks out.
which anime should i see first?
The deal with One-piece is that it's a manga I've read since my childhood, nowadays I don't have more time for it so I just watch the anime to keep the bonds with this happy period of my life, when I ...
+1 LOL
which anime should i see first?
"drama and character development" You know, some people just want to see luffy smashing someone with gomu gomu no something to relax a bit without using the brain much. My case, for example.
im 18 and my gf is 67
So, enjoy this journey to gain knowledge and wisdom from someone much more experienced. And above all, be happy and bring happiness to her life. Congrats!
im 18 and my gf is 67
She is rich? have children? Personally, I see no problem in bringing happiness to her in the last 10 or 20 years of her life. And if she occasionally dies, you'll probably be able to enjoy a comfortin...
Country best BBQ?
But there are tons of gauchos in Argentina and Uruguay as well, probably more numerous than in Brazil. It is for this reason that I couldnt say if the barbecue had national origin or if it was just fr...
Country best BBQ?
Interesting, I thought it was something regional. I have family in the South and people always use skewers and large pieces of meat, as in the churrascarias, but in domestic scale.
Country best BBQ?
Nooo, one is made on the grill and the other uses metal skewers. I'm talking about the skewers one. I know it is the most common type in the extreme south of Brazil (which looks more like Uruguayan o...
Country best BBQ?
The gaucho one, I dont know if it's Brazilian or from Argentina, but is the best, by far.
But he is right, communism =/= socialism.
"Aryan guy mean blond person with blue eyes only" Ok, you clearly dont know the meaning of "Aryan".
10/10 women