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Muscle cars
Until about two months ago I had a 1974 Ford maverick v8, I loved the car and had a lot of fun with it, though it was pretty dangerous at high speeds, rear traction usually tends to be treacherous, I ...
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Your dream car ?
Wow It definitely looks like an amazing place to visit, I still want to and visit the new England first and maybe watch some playoff game in Green Bay, but it might be interesting to spend some time ...
Your dream car ?
Ok, I confess that given the content of the words you used, I expected a solid and consistent argument. However, irrational and emotionally grounded arguments are also valid, thanks for responding.
Your dream car ?
In the south, I am from Gramado-RS a place that snows in the winter where German is spoken in the streets but I currently live in Porto Alegre-RS, the capital and largest city of Rio Grande do Sul a p...
Your dream car ?
Wow Very interesting, indeed.
Your dream car ?
"Audi A3's for douchebag execs like me" hahahaha I also like the countryside and spending time with nature, which almost made me go to Troller T4 instead of Renegade by the way if it was not so exagg...
Your dream car ?
Sure enough, I really like the A3 and would be a much more plausible choice, with a much better cost-benefit in Europe or US to buy today. However, here in Brazil, even in the rich parts of the countr...
Your dream car ?
Yehh Quattro systems are amazing. I had a maverick 1974 V8 until two months ago, I ended up trading for a jeep renegade after I almost killed myself on the highway. I want a TT for safety driving at...
Your dream car ?
Could you develop the argument? What led you to hate AUDI?
Your dream car ?
TT RS, My goal is to buy one in 4 or 5 years.
German Vans
+1000 nice.