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VP after major simulations
You have definitely missed marketing lessons in your life.Skip for now the results look at the money. They have legendary and titled players, with the largest fanbase in cs (maybe nip has biger as pla...
Zonic was a player and a good one :d this one didnt even play for fun.
+1 But Izakoo wrote that nobody said VP that they have problems and first game didnt start
r8 pickem
This is a point im not going to argue, but to pick Optic? Personally, I do not believe that they will do it generally. + Didnt pick Hr? Picking CoL is just joke right? :D For 0-3 Vp are not the best ...
r8 pickem
even worse :D
MVP aizy
This is absurd but told many times... Why mvp should be always in wining team... none of North players is in top 8 of that tournament... They won it with all players playing well(but not extraordinary...
I wish Sk will pick T1 team instead of this.
Will GuardiaN ever win a major? Yea he sounds like he dont care about it at all. Draken seems that its just normal T2...
RATE my piCk'em
HR,SS > Optic for me :d And Vega for 0-3 i think. with those lineups Spirit won pretty ez with them last time, also they almost took HR in Cis minor final :D Other hand Vega just sucks to be honest wi...
Will GuardiaN ever win a major?
Will GuardiaN ever win a major?
Bad counterargument :d You have point with better teams on major with they focused more on. But do you really think Fntic came to DH without practise on their group??? I dont believe it. Also saying ...
Will GuardiaN ever win a major?
wtf why? He is doing well :o
Will GuardiaN ever win a major?
Which Fntic are you talking about? :d This one which quit DH Masters is group lost to T2 teams? :D
Vega Squadron vs Spirit
Sad but true xD I came here only to analyze my Vega 0-3 pick xD