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Fishy clip
Well, he have one teammate waiting ramp wich have probably heared something and call it.
I ruin my life
My wife is 28, when being 23 or 24 for his last year in Master of psychology, she couldn't a place in 5 differents University because her result was too low they said, she had 13,5/20... Not that bad ...
Best movie of the decade?
If I should choose, Lucy. I don't really know why, maybe because Luc Besson french baguette life. Otherwise coming to my mind interstellar or inception, but they are well known. Lucy is to my eyes r...
sleeping schedule
If you're so responsible but not enough to get a decent sleep shcedule lol
sleeping schedule
Lol, I'm waking up each morning between 6 to 7, depending the road needed to go work. Sometime I only sleep 2 hours because I practice for a race all night lol (I'm in simracing stuff) So having a j...
[18+] r8 ur favourite porn categories
So you prefer to see his dick, interesting...
i ll r8 your setup
By the way I realised I forgot the link the other day. But I really need that controller ^^
i ll r8 your setup
NZXT Sentry LXE, a fan controller with 5 temperature sensor. My PC is watercooled with 7 fans. By the way, before and after, when I don't give a shit about aesthetics anymore xDDD
i ll r8 your setup
On the right, my old BenQ XL2420Z Main: skillkorp 32", I bought it a bit that One years ago. 144hz 1ms for under 300€ I didn't go for an expensive cause I don't want to spend that much and I don't ...
i ll r8 your setup
I have never tried but xDDD
i ll r8 your setup
Most skill game
In shit tier event yeah, not at the highest level (shit can still happen, that's racing) By the way I'm not refering to the last F1 shit with Charles Leclerc lately, what a shame for us, simracers...
Most skill game
LUL nice try For eSport you will need Raceroom (2 times LAN finalist in germany for me) or iRacing. RF2 have some nice event I would say (I don't use it, but I see some endurance stuff on it), and A...