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Fan of players
Fan of teams
Born in Belgium
Mother is romanian
Father is belgian
Wife is german
Now living and working in Luxembourg

I`ve still not grown up... casual gamer, but good follower of CS scene.
Forum posts
old people tend to say crazy stuff like that don`t u have a 80 year old grandpa ? i have one living in belgium and he says stuff like that ocasionally
thoughts bout Edward
everybody is friends in CIS area... after a bottle of vodka
BIG vs Natus Vincere
pls sent brexit home... ohh wait major is in brexit anyways
r8 body [18+]
also almost out of toilet paper would not hit that
Fnatic fix
meanwhile he got canned from redreserve
Fnatic fix
if cArn would contact twist to join fnatic i doubt twist will deny draken must go first, then they need a good igl who can actually play
for 500.000$
why would i lie ? i`m a senior sysadmin at one of luxembourg biggest datacenter i have 15 juniors to supervise and 150 servers in my care, most of them are holding info about banks
fnatic era!!!!!!!
da faq english is this kid ?
fnatic era!!!!!!!
end of 2014 to march 2016 fnatic era best era
r8 body [18+]
actually yes :D 15-20 years ago it felt really warez to download porn online, like u were doing something illegal nowadays i can see porn on my fridge HUD display if i want to
r8 body [18+]
lol kids these days... back i my day i had to wank from warez i downloaded during 5-7 days of internet dial-up connection and only to Jenna Jameson and Shyla Stylez
for 500.000$
for starting up i would not mind shares at apple and amazon also, its better than money
flusha is not the problem...
hes not motivated since 2015... he just does this as a regular job...
for 500.000$
not enough.. maybe for 5 billion euros i make almost 8000 euros a month, that means i will reach 500.000 euros in less than 6 years
Pick'em predictions + % chance
nice work at least u`ll learn to use statistical skills in a good paid job in the future