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Used to be called Dolan_Trump.
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Fifa has communtiy managers and they do nothign to help the community
Tsygankov and Lewa hits different.
In Germany they are often the Altstadt, aka old town.
discord-ur opinionos
Has so many more functions. Link previes, streams, sendin pictures or files etc.
NIP full statement on packet loss
Bruh you have to be a proper moron to believe that the routingh issue was NiPs fault. They have their own network inside their ISPs network from where on their traffic gets routed through the entirewo...
Dexter season 9
oh >:( might as well put walking dead in there. show has been dead for five seasons, yet they refuse to kill it off.
Dexter season 9
I tried watching Breaking Bad twice and stopped twice cause I found it to be extremely boring ;( I will check both Sopranos and Mad Men out eventually, but they are quite old, innit?
Dexter season 9
Never watched it in order or to completion.
Dexter season 9
GoT was ended piss poor, Lost also went completely retarded towards the end and House of Cards lost it's lead actor, don't think any of these are good examples.
Dexter season 9
havent watched any of them, so i cant comment
Dexter season 9
has any show ever been ended properly?
Way you sleep
you sleep on your stomach bruv. way to close up your airways and strain your neck.
Way you sleep
with my eyes closed
what netflix show should i watch
I think Season 2 was tolerable, but just look at the names of the episodes of S2, they all have some weird hashtags as title, makes me cringe. Are all netflix series dubbed to Slovenian / Croatian or ...
what netflix show should i watch
Gas leak year? Did I forget sth about the storylien or was there an actual gas leak. Also, you should really give Bojack a second try. It grows on you, I promise. On another note, what do you think of...