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Glad midsommar!
Yes it does, because that means that not all Fins like to be Swedish-like.
FaZe #16
I'd say #10. Haven't proven themselves yet, they've only met Tier 2 competition apart from Fnatic in ELEAGUE Group D.
Because a clown is the big leader for the superpower of the world? To stop negotiations with US because of Trump is retarded
Glad midsommar!
Some Fins love us, others hate us. Love-hate relationship rly.
NiKo vs coldzera | Top LAN player of 2016.
+1 Reasonable favela
Valve Knows...
Inside the mind of a person thinking that anything suspicious means that they're hacking
With the US having Trump, they will have bigger negotiations with the US...
Thorin = Shitter
Ok, how hard is it to understand? THOUGHTS = OPINIONS. I don't like that UK voted for Brexit, but they could end up better off without EU. That's an opinion...
Didn't know KEEMSTAR was a part of HLTV
Disclaimer: Not all Swedes are as retarded as he is right here.
People saying shox is cheating
When you lost the case. Lol, go back to drawing hentai while rolling sushi
People saying shox is cheating
Yes? Pro players learn the most common spots of a CT when they scrim, aiming thru walls can be because they suspect someone of being there or just coincidence that the player is there.
People saying shox is cheating
Ever thought that it might be some random movement that HAPPENS to lock onto someone?
People saying shox is cheating
People who think Shox is cheating are stupid and blind. Turn off X-Ray, and THEN, does it look as suspicious?
Oh, got a British fake flagger here, it seems. Take into consideration that a small group of London is trying to make London an independent state so that they can join EU on their own, and London is ...