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[18+] being attractive is everything
yeah, so that's why he works as a MODEL, cause he only has good looks
[18+] being attractive is everything
but he served his sentence
[18+] being attractive is everything
well you can't really know how severe his crime was
R8 CSGO Girl what are you talking about, that's literally an ear gauge
jOELZ AUTISM ??????????????????????????????????????????
Joelz autist? I are think that
When redditors are mad
"Look mom, i trolled them good with my shitty thread, didn't I? i'm 12 btw haha"
konfig beta
If you have a son and you act like this you should probably reflect upon you life choices
I can see the resemblance, but Rody (Protest the hero vocalist) sounds more like a high tenor to me, and even though the vocalist you showed me sounds very similar, for whatever reason, I despise his...
Check out the full album (Fortress), you'll probably enjoy it, their older stuff can be a little abrasive, but it's still great in its own right. They've gotten more progressive over the years and the...
I rate your favorite song
MSL kys
What is wrong with your head?
lithuanian cs
IDK man, for a very small scene we have a few pretty good players
I r8 your music taste
10/10 movies or series ?
how did they make 6 bad episodes on purpose, i'm a fan of the show bad that is pretty dumb