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You probably come here because of one of the following reasons:
1. I destroyed you in an argument.
2. I expressed my dislikement of your trolling and made you mad.
3. You wonder who this "no-life" is you see all the time.
4. You realize that I'm one of the few smart and reasonable people here.

If your reason is 1 or 2, feel free to leave a complaint down below in my guestbook. I won't even read it though.

http://imgur.com/wYAS9Pl JW approves

I come from Skåne, southern Sweden, from a village near Malmö. I recently moved to Uppsala to study a master in pharmacy.

I started playing CS in 2005 when I was 10. I've played CS on and off ever since. I got this HLTV acc in 2007 or 2008, but I wasn't very active on the forums until my comeback to CSGO in late 2013.

I currently only got a laptop here in Uppsala, so I'm not playing CS anymore, but that doesn't stop me from wasting time on HLTV and follow my favorite team, NiP <3

Biggest NiP fan on HLTV? Maybe. Probably.

Taking fights against trolls since 2008.

i stole this from tubewood

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7.000 euro
Poor NiP
nip are fucking garbage that cant close a map to save their fucking lives
NIP Top 3 team right now
they suck dick online aswelldude, this team cant close to literally save their lives, fuckthem
incredibly bad
Cloud9 vs Liquid
at fucking 10+ or so odds it does
Cloud9 vs Liquid
kick stewie get karrigan to chad on these betas
T1 riflers
he's from shitland, ofcoursde his b-rain is shit
MIBR vs MAD Lions
imean if this was on lan they prob dont even make playoffs
Flashpoint 1 price money
???????????????????????????????????????? fnc has had money problems for years, same with nip just check the shit with fifflaren who are mouz backed by? last i remember they are just some random german...
Flashpoint 1 price money
yeah, and it makes it more likely teams try to qualify for flashpoint rather than esl because thats alot of fucking money i agree its good, i just hope they actually start doing them within this year...
valulrant key
tfw egypt is morally superior to usa oh wait that's expected
Flashpoint 1 price money
you do realise this prizepool is supplied by the teams that bought into flashpoint, meaning they can have this much money in the prizepool, meaning they have more money than most epl teams and can eas...
Flashpoint 1 price money
=????????????????????????????????????????????? prizepool is that high because they have that much money,
Flashpoint 1 price money
he's brazilian, prob 55 iq, dont bother
Flashpoint 1 price money
they can supply 1mil prizepool, pretty sure those orgs can buy better players who you think has more money, fpx or fucking mouz? omegalul