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Natus Vincere vs Frag eXecutors
mTw won the game because they could decide the important rounds for them, nothing lucky about it.
The King Of Pause---mTw
it's allowed to do, closed.
Robban or Walle
you are correct! f0rest, GTR and RobbaN wanted to have the line-up they have now, and SK agreed to house them.
which mouse is xizt using ?
question answered, locked.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
one for listening, their usual headset for microphone.
just leave it be, and stop pouring oil into the fire.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
well I'm watching it as well :P but thanks!
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Joe entered a bet with carmac (ESL admin): Joe was impressed by eSahara's play in the qualification stage. If eSahara would advance to the playoffs, carmac would have had to conduct the prize ceremon...
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
for those of you who are not on the ESL Stream, I present: JOE'S BOOBS!
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
use the reply button please. oh and by the way: Teams are allowed to take a time-out if they think they wanna re-think their strategy or just take a break.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
incomming :D / ESL stream now working for you?
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
someone watching the starcraft stream, shame on you :P
as far as I know none of the streams use octoshape. they're running on
mTw vs Lions
fnatic vs. navi semi-final. make sure you got a stream up and running to catch it live ;)
us the reply button.