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On Rails is always good to learn - But I would go with SQL, C# and XSLT/XML.
I like it - gives a much more realistic feel.
Your salary in EURO
Denmark Head of IT(Development department) 7650 € + 780 € to retirement savings
Denmark faces
He is not danish - Nice try......
C/C++ Help
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { // This array can store upto 12 elements (2x3x2) int test[2][3][2]; cout << "Enter 12 values: \n"; // Inserting the values in...
Im going to denmark
I have studied(Masters degree in IT) and lived in Aarhus for many years, most recently moved away from this amazing city! My favoirite bar: Tir na nog(Irish pub) Good and cheap asian food: Kowloon - ...
Your salary in USD
How about taxes of your salary? Denmark is expensive, high taxes, but we also get free education, only work 37 hours pr. week, free healthcare, 5 weeks of paid vacation each year and we are paid to s...
Your salary in USD
Thought Denmark was an expensive country. Is cost of living high in Russia?
Your salary in USD
Salaries are higher then average in Denmark - But cost of living in Denmark are very high. 1 L of milk is close to 2 $. I'm earning Top-bracket Tax in Denmark, which means I'm paying around 52% in t...
Your salary in USD
We pay around 45% in taxes of our salery in Denmark...
Your salary in USD
Denmark IT-system Manager 8500 $
BEST Military leader?
Ramesses II - enough said.
6.800 € per month, working as it-system manager.
epic gamer moment
Leeeeeeeeerooooooooooy Jeeeeeeeenkinsssss!