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R8 her
15y old random girl like one of 100 millions
BIG vs Immortals
haha, this brazilian retards :D nice tier3 clowns.
FaZe vs Astralis
Astralis was lucky that FaZe didnt close the Game to 16:5 or smth. almost a big throw. Dont know how they can play such a bad A hold and lose so many round with 1 or 2 man advantage
Brazil come here
zero map groupstage SG, wp. secret fall asleep after map 1, trollpicked and got rekt. seems like an ez 2-0 for EG tomorrow
Free Swedish Lessons
come on boys!
rip le pen
hm, but still better than le pen? Dont know, seems like shes just talking and talking without any background.
rip le pen
could you explan why macron is bad? i dont know anything about him
Format and reinstall your OS on the new ssd. 500 HDD for Videos/music etc.
Cheap and good chair for PC?
I have to say, DX Racer Chairs are NOT expensive, there are much better chairs out. If you dont want to ruin your back and u gonnae use this chair 5-10h per day.. think about it :)
I would hardly recommend an SSD for your OS (Windows?). At least 128 for hit only. I had a 250 for steam only last years, just upgraded to 500 Steam / Origin / Battlenet. Just reinstalled my PC...
Thorin on favelas
ur such an idiot haha... well played sir
Battlefield 5
50hours for 50€? worth it i would say
they are all very very good players. some people cant understand that... but yes, some of them in the list are 100% not clean. and please dont compare those hacks to this 50$ public hacks for faceit...
Niko is a hacker? I think.
sad, but his aimlocks are to obv sometimes. this was a little bug, bad for him :D rip niko
FaZe Oskar
mouz oskar inc