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Erdogan BEST BAITER in World?
it hurts.
Turkey is almost dead. Cypriots come here.
also there is no computer game they can invade Turkey even if its super easy level.
im material engineer and my thesis was about bullet-proof helmet for ak-47 bullets. so i can help about technical translation english to turkish.
Inger, achmet or fransi?
what kind of novel do you writing? tell us some characteristic specifications about your character.
one piece
you are welcome kanelbullar
one piece
of course 1st episode looks like a shit coz its too old. this series releasing since 1999. probably before you born it means.
one piece
for me so good coz the creator is so fucking smart. the scenario makes one piece the best for me. illustration or animation quality are not great .
Turk here AMA
they passed to military land of Turkey and you have no right about talking that. you arrested arma 3 creators only they took a photo of military land from outside. what did you expect from a country w...
ur age and salary
25 engineer around $600 it was 700 at about 1 month ago and was 675 when i got the job. fuck usd/tl.
it depends genetic , climate factor and testosterone hormone buddy.
Internet sites
all these websites blocked by telecommunication communication assosication. we have pretty few websites for watching porn.
Internet sites
but before browsing these websites you should use vpn or tor pretty sure.
[18+] R8 Brazil WC squad
no talisca rip.
worst major winner
znajder & guardian
Quantum Bellator Fire
i think avangar were better than them. they just got luck.