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Zeus is NOT a good IGL
+1000 He is fucking shit. - KIck zeus add jame He is full of faking bullshit this guy.
Na'Vi after major
Navi without zeus = very good. This guy is so mad and toxic. We need 5 good players in Navi not only 2 superstars and 3 bots
Na'VI VS BIG Major Final
kid brain spottet.
XANTARES > s1mple
haahahaahhahaahha idiot XANTARES against tia 2-3-4-5 team.. stupid kid.
XANTARES > s1mple
every day S1mple >>>> all csgo players.. Only nobrainers say im wrong.
Xantares fans
Nice hacks turkie
Why ZywOo is the best in the world.
he is shit
arhhh he is a hacker ........
s1mple cs.go NEO 1.6
s1mple >>>> all in csgo history
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Hiko where ?
Hiko game over... Stop play csgo , your time is over bro
S1mple GOAT
S1mple is the best player to ever play this game nothing you say will change that , stats dont lie S1mPlE cAnT bE gOaT bEcAOuSe oF 1 YeAr He dont only have 1 good year he have 3 S1mple 2016 #4 ...
s1mple is overrated
Hahahahahahahahhahahaha Another nobrainer forum.... S1mple has and will always be the best player ever in CSGO. Closed kids
Avangar Jame
+ new riffler to navi