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Work, eat & sleep
First of all, "Just time to be a little slave to some rich guy who sits and owns the company" That guy could be you, with all the freedom to do whatever you would want as long as you work hard and ma...
guys pls stop TURKS COME HERE OR turks=arab ty
+ hltv on racists
No, he will not be released at all. There is a thing called "Forvaring" in Norway. technically he could be in jail for 500 years just like in US, just they increase by "maximum" each time.
LGBT why
Literally 18 years old
LGBT why
Literally 18 years old
LGBT why
Literally 18 years old
Neymar Real
Great deal, maybe they can finally replace c'ronaldo and drag advantage out of this
SMIX 10/10?
I prefer pinays, srry
Confession Thread
she does mens((
Confession Thread
I have gained weight, while I want to get rid of it, my girlfriend says she prefers belly and that she doesn't want me to get rid off it and keeps comparing it to her pillow, wtf.
150 Reply Limit is outdated
Who even does this many replies, go outside and play in the kindergarten like us other 60 year olds mens))
Scandinavian Rap
OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene - Styggen på ryggen Erik og Kriss - Den Låta Erik og Kriss feat. BYZ - Ølbriller ...
Worst Language
Chinese, Tagalog and Polish
would you date a trap?
Remove a country in the middle of Africa. I assume the whole land would be replaced with water in this case, otherwise it wouldnt do squat since it would be re populated lol. Now if the water would b...