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North vs NRG
i kinda miss the 16 teams double elimination style idk why. i know groups and shit are unfair but it makes it so much more interesting when people are forced to play for tournament life so early. idk ...
which mouse
rip. bro i'm getting this mouse: its like a final mouse, i'm not sure if its going to be good but i hope so.
which mouse
dude get a mionix
Pick'em R EZ diamond coin
FaZe can possibly beat Liquid but no way ENCE/Na'Vi Can. FaZe plays really fucking stupid in mid-late round and have hasty decision making. If they clean it up, they can beat Liquid and then take Ast...
Pick'em R EZ diamond coin
very bad pick em i like faze more then liquid but there's no way they beat a hungry liquid. same w/ astralis. scripted major goes to liquid 2-1 in a close second map but record fucking third map and a...
@NRG: -daps -FugLy
everyone trolling its because karrigan and tarik are joining mous trust me my sources tol dme
dizzy world first lvl 100 in apex legends
+1 / i competed against him in battalion 1944 and he quit because of his situation, it was really sad. then he moved on to br and i've never heard of him since, good to see he's doing well.
best pick em'
any reason why? only way i see that is Xizt chokes and Brollan doesn't perform at his usual level since it's his first major
best pick em'
any reasons why? RNG are always mediocre at best which isn't good enough for a major. Additionally, I feel like Spirit are probably better then Vega atm, but let me know why vega if you think so.
best pick em'
really? they don't seem that bad
best pick em'
really? they look better with ALEX imo and now there won't be issues with HAPPY vs NBK style of play. ALEX is a smart player and can help with vitality's midround, etc. (i thought he helped IGL or was...
best pick em'
I really do believe in G2 at this major, but I think they will struggle early. After this though, they 3-1 group stage and Lucky/Kenny play really well this tournament to carry them to semi-finals.
best pick em'