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Hong kong revolution
you know the real reason they are protesting is for there right to free elections right? China agreed that they could not change the basic law of HK (constitution) until 2047 and in the basic law of H...
Hong kong revolution
its not just things in china Australia ignore, but we also ignore all the human rights violations in West Papua as well, all because we own a rather large mine there so we suck up to Indonesia
Hong kong revolution
what people don't understand though is they have been protesting for free elections and things like that for ages now, its just nobody has listened to them and eventually when that happens the lid com...
Hong kong revolution
by the way that rule is written though i could say something so minor that its really nothing at all and get banned like say i said i like cocacola and the event is sponsored by pepsi i could get bann...
Kick gratisfaction
Rng players live and play in the US so they wouldnt have to live in Aus
Kick gratisfaction
does nobody actually take into consideration that RNG don't set up for Grat to get kills? the team is set up around getting Jks and Jkeam into fragging positions not Grat. grat is a naturally agressi...
Liquid vs Grayhound
jetlag is a problem from someone from NA but not for someone from AU? isnt Aus like a longer flight?
Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
well we all know it was just an excuse to play more blast events, but you cant say they have never used it as an excuse because thats still an excuse, btw i never think jetlag is a legitimate excuse a...
Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
astralis never complained about jetlag? weren't they earlier in the year saying they wouldn't attend events because of jetlag?
Hong Kong
because the CCP like to pretend that the 1984 treaty never happened, they have said many many times that the UK has no right to monitor what happens in HK when its actually a part of the treaty that t...
here they would get tased then arrested but honestly the protests are china's (an the hong kong government who are just a puppet government anyway) fault in the first place, if they didn't try to pass...
Worst person in ur country's history?
Tony Abbott and his NBN, it will be cheaper then Labors NBN he said it will be faster then Labors NBN he said...... oh whats that its actually slower and ALOT slower my bad well atleast it was cheaper...
Post Major 100T
aleskib will IGL and be undermined by Shox and Niko who both will think they are better at it then he is, Cold will bait s1mple and s1mple will rage then Niko will yell and tell them all to shut up, a...
my pickems are still alive 3 out of 4 for quarters 1/4s semis final RNG RNG VIT NRG AST AST AST
Aussie meaning
oi oi oi*