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its not 0, it just cant be calculated until you die
car crash or not, why was he speeding while driving on the wrong side of the road, im not sure about the US but here if you do that and kill someone you can be changed with murder
Butterfly in YOUR language?
Moth... O wait
Cs 2014-15
Australia a 3rd world country? i don't care if they made it or not but they had a sick team logo, they had that pumped up Aussie spirit and passion also havoc's beard is the undisputed best beard eve...
Cs 2014-15
i miss Vox Eminor ;-;
jks need better team
was pretty good in the most important match of the year to the renegades, they lose to TM and they don't make the major and he was very good +22 if i remember correctly. the final really wasn't import...
C9 most possible and less retarded solution
still stable, he also likes RNG
C9 most possible and less retarded solution
why would cerq and nifty leave stable teams for a team that you don't know anything about? its got three players. NRG atm are better then cloud9 and Nifty has said multiple times he loves it at the r...
What anime’s made you cry?
clannad/afterstory Anohana: That flower we saw that day plastic memories your lie in april i didnt cry in angel beats i did like the anime though
Neymar Pro Actor
there are no yellow cards in AFL its too physical for them, but if you punch someone you do give a free (foul) away if you are seen by the umpire (referee) but after the game it also gets reviewed and...
Neymar Pro Actor
Soccer is the only sport that you see this shit happen, start punishing them, give them yellow cards after the game and you will see that they will stop very quickly. in Australian rules football if ...
Neymar Pro Actor
your joking right? there is never a need to act the way he did, you don't need to "demonstrate" anything.... if a player slaps you in the face very softly you don't fall you remonstrate with the per...
Neymar Pro Actor
so what about Australian Rules Football players? they need to be as agile as a soccer player and as tough as a rugby player and wear no pads/protective gear. are they not playing a "real mans sport"?...
Neymar Pro Actor
i play a much more physical sport that we have here in Australia, there is in no way that his reaction is legitimate, i have a bad shoulder and have it strapped (needs to be or it just dislocates easy...
DK/FR celebration thread
Australia being eliminated isnt surprising, had the 7th 11th and 12th ranked teams to play against i thought they did pretty well to be fair. probably should have been 1-1 against France then apart fr...