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CS:GO Danger Zone
imo they should have just made it a new game
honestly you shouldn't change teams just cos one is winning and the other losing, if you are a united fan stay a united fan if you are a city fan stay a city fan. same with those who now support juve...
only problem is..... how often was he on fire? one map per event if lucky? he should never have taken up the IGL spot it killed his Awping
Why are not you a vegan?
is sedation not humane?
Ricciardo has been let down big time by RB this year, its no wonder why hes so keen to get out.
Top 5 Animes?
1. Code Geass 2. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day 3. A Silent Voice (Movie) 4. Nagi no Asukara (loved the artwork and soundtrack) 5. Tie between Clannad + After story and Death Note
anime haters come here
i watch anime from time to time and i personally cant stand that style of anime, but one mans trash is another mans treasure, that is the saying right? seriously though i view someone watching anime ...
anime haters come here
honestly that's just a stereotype, not all anime watchers are depressed kids that don't look after themselves and personally i see no difference between someone watching an animated show that they rea...
its not 0, it just cant be calculated until you die
car crash or not, why was he speeding while driving on the wrong side of the road, im not sure about the US but here if you do that and kill someone you can be changed with murder
Butterfly in YOUR language?
Moth... O wait
Cs 2014-15
Australia a 3rd world country? i don't care if they made it or not but they had a sick team logo, they had that pumped up Aussie spirit and passion also havoc's beard is the undisputed best beard eve...
Cs 2014-15
i miss Vox Eminor ;-;
jks need better team
was pretty good in the most important match of the year to the renegades, they lose to TM and they don't make the major and he was very good +22 if i remember correctly. the final really wasn't import...
C9 most possible and less retarded solution
still stable, he also likes RNG