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as far as i know nvidia doesnt ship things to estonia, rip me
PC Help
do u know that there is rumour that nvidia ampere will start shipping in april-may ps. and how the fuck u have correct prices, mining fucked everything up + vram deficit
Natus Vincere vs SK
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
s1mple was just bulling faze
hahahhahah lmao, fuck emilia tho, dont like her at all
dunno about that clip, would be funny if that really happened tho
yea, even tho i like kenny & g2 my 1st favorite player outside my favorite team is definitely device, great player and i really like his clothing styles and his overall being xd sad that he doesnt po...
astralis :DDDDDDD portugese kid, they already destroyed astralis yesterday
u can can different things terrorist attacks, i call even rape sometimes attack cuz it is, and its 100% sure that there is atleast 1 rape per hour in western europe but mainstream media isnt talking a...
i dont even care, i dont want to see even 1 ''immigrant'' in my town, they are just here to ''chill'' with huge gangs, rape our girls, rob and even in some cases murder, and then they dont work ( for ...
want to maintain their culture is called racist nowadays? wooow black niggers must be so mad that they are so poor, and country dont want terrorist attacks every weeks is called racist, woow
G2 vs Renegades
who gives a shit about k/d? as a kennys fan apex was definetly the mvp, just look at the adr
G2 vs Astralis
ofc, just like last times when g2 rolled over astralis in bo3 + its group stage so it will be ultra roll over cuz g2 are group stage heroes who win there and then in quarter finals get demolished sadl...
u dont say that to flusher u moron, u have to apologize now
fnatic vs TyLoo
HAHAAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH fnatic go die, swedish fans have suffered enought