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I would prefer Greece as an ally rather than enemy, Greek people should also think like that from my point of view.I have never argued with a Greek person in real life but in social media every minute...
People generally commenting like "Onliner" or "Aim God" or "Xantarespeek" but the thing we should praise about him is his dedication to the game. They were earning 100$ per month during Space Soldiers...
Turkey Corona
Cause even Corona virus afraid to come here 🤷‍♂️
UEFA Nations League
They have said same for 2018 World Cup tho.So your point is accurate xd
Countries with 0 csgo scene
If you re kidding its funny, if not more funny xaxaxa
Turkey two faced
"We need Turkey as a reliable partner in foreign and security policy" Mr Verheugen said. "We want Turkey to be a stable democracy, respecting the rule of law and human rights. Our interest is that Tur...
Nba predicts day 7 + skin
Suns 76ers in overtime Thunders Bucks Nuggets Lakers
Polish people > muricans
BIG confirms hardstyle as a coach
Source is your ass
Faze Xantares with proof
mobile.twitter.com/XANTAREScsgo/following you can search from here, if you would like to check
Faze Xantares with proof
Not b8 m8, i was sherlocking for 1 hours and finally i found info
xantares twitter
and esea account he shared in vac banned account(on steam) guess who (link: https://play.esea.net/users/776325) I already upload all evidence to twitter post
Europe minor open qualifier
https://steamcommunity.com/id/bystewie/ add me el1teman