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Turkey two faced
"We need Turkey as a reliable partner in foreign and security policy" Mr Verheugen said. "We want Turkey to be a stable democracy, respecting the rule of law and human rights. Our interest is that Tur...
Nba predicts day 7 + skin
Suns 76ers in overtime Thunders Bucks Nuggets Lakers
Polish people > muricans
BIG confirms hardstyle as a coach
Source is your ass
Faze Xantares with proof
mobile.twitter.com/XANTAREScsgo/following you can search from here, if you would like to check
Faze Xantares with proof
Not b8 m8, i was sherlocking for 1 hours and finally i found info
xantares twitter
and esea account he shared in vac banned account(on steam) guess who (link: https://play.esea.net/users/776325) I already upload all evidence to twitter post
Europe minor open qualifier
https://steamcommunity.com/id/bystewie/ add me el1teman
Europe minor open qualifier
We re 5 right now anyone interests can join
Europe minor open qualifier
of course my friend you can join. https://play.esea.net/?s=events&d=register&id=140 click join team and type 'Cereal Killers'. password is cerealkillers1
Europe minor open qualifier
Europe minor open qualifier
We can but you should find a channel, i usually use discord
Europe minor open qualifier
Only 2 teams will qualify so no need to be delusional.We will play for fun, maybe i can coach the team if the other players are better than me
Europe minor open qualifier
Event Starts: 2018-10-22 at 7:00pm i copied from esea page
Europe minor open qualifier
7 pm