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best mousepad for deathadder
Yeah i got it with the mouse but now its quite old so i though i would try something else
HAVU vs Flow
Id like to know how much did IESF payed for this match to be recomended, much more notable matches werent "hltv recomends"
Ryzen CPU
Yes but get b450 motherboard for sure, also just look at LTT PSU tier list and pick some affordable one from best tier. If you want to use PC just for Csgo and twitch or just internet and not other p...
Ryzen CPU
Yeah it will be marginally better than 2200g while costing 2x more. But you are welcome to waste your money
Ryzen CPU
ryzen 5 2600 still costs half of i5 8400 so no, intel isnt close to amd in terms of price. If someone is on budget and not some hardcore fan he wont use more CPU power than current ryzen 5/8400 so it ...
Ryzen CPU
in price ? :D 2200 is like half the price of i3-8100 which is its direct competitor
Its only few FPS and it will be only visible in csgo aswell, if i would be you i would just split the saved money into power supply and motherboard.
Czech vs Slovakia economy question
I dont know anything about economy, but i know that many Slovaks go to czech to study, work while while much much less people go from czech to slovakia to study/work. Also czech unemployment rate is ...
Why Loba got kicked from Imperial
i love how when loba starts to talk about richie everyone is silent, everyone afraid of biased idiot
mouz interview
Random hltv prokda > pro player in same team
Sunny to ENCW
You have clip of what he said ?
Seems like NTC will keep the level as new SK
They picked it lol
faceit=fair LMAO
Its ez to download and with it you wouldnt have to create this thread as it show how much elo you opponents have, how big is the difference is between you and your opponent and how much elo it takes f...
faceit=fair LMAO
Who is such noob not using faceit enhancer
Why Czech Republic is the best country in the world (geographically)
People are part of geography