I got banned for "
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Hockey is major sport for whole eastern europe, russia, northern europe, usa, canada. Biggest winter sport.
Tell me your Ak and m4 skins and ill guess ur rank
best combo LEM
mouz nip
Well no way mouz was actually trying, you know oskar, always the least amount of deaths on team is now peaking everything and has much more deaths than his team
Top 15 teams atm?
fnatic LUL faze/mouz >>>>> fnatic
im failing high school
wait so if you are doing it ez, means it must be ez for everyone else also ? People have different talents
Red Reserve vs Sprout
haha denis god, for sure better than STYKO
Java or C#
C# is best start if you want to get good at programming, but if you want to just try it and have fun, do Java/Python
Java or C#
You dont have to write everything in code, atleast not in most recent version- FX
depends if its official pro league circuit or not, in CZ/SK pro league, we get elo
you have Benelux hub on faceit where only players from benelux play i think, just search it
Best awp demos pov
Device and Oskar have imo most reliable style that can get you frags well with good enough(but not some insane) aim. Dont think you should watch demos of players like draken/s1mple as their playstyle...
ChrisJ > Karrigan (Faze win tourns)
You forget that Niko is on Faze and he kicked ChrisJ for Oskar, also shut up at eleague. not gonna happen
average player imo, not good enough for top teams, but perfect for renegades type of team
New mouz fans
whats wrong with that ? Im fan of oskar since his FPL days. Only bad fans are the one which come when success comes because they will go away as fast as they come
Pick one [18+]