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major drinking game
Take a shot every time Bardolph says "oh boi"
31 in your language
tridzat odin
Zeus and Edward
Don't mix up Quake and CS, it's not all about number of frags or ADR. Zeus is key for team communication, and he feels VERY uncomfortable when Edward is in another team. Actually, Edward is a decent f...
Zeus and Edward
Ehm, Zeus has won the major... And Edward kept up with many high places w/Na'Vi on big events as well.
Zeus and Edward
They're not bad, just overplayed and tired. Show some respect for such CS legends.
I'm Russian AMA
Navalny. I'm not a big fan of him but he really deserves to be in these elections, there are a lot of his supporters (although he has a bad reputation among most people who know him). The problem is, ...
I'm Russian AMA
Russians seem to be too lazy or busy with other things to learn English. Also they all tend to have a disrespectful attitude towards foreigners, thanks to mass media always telling about West/American...
I'm Russian AMA
There are a LOT of tragedies happened recently (terrorist incidents, school shooting/knife assaults, suicides and manslaughters...). I suddenly realised that I actually have a perceptible chance to d...
I'm Russian AMA
In big countries like Moscow/St.PB it's decent and well-financed, but the situation in regions (beyond Moscow) is not as bright, teachers' salaries are very low, hence the motivation to teach is weak....
Shittiest major
Indeed, I ace with it 10 times per day
NaVi 800 hours
Shittiest major
Valve creations go lower from year to year, you should have noticed it earlier
As far as I remember the joke was made earlier and Gambit made that video inspired by X GOD meme
He rekt Zeus as well by baiting him
#17 olofmeister