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keep saying that until they get Top 4 on the next major again, start saying it again until the major after
Astralis vs SK
Hey, can any of you guys tell me what the most expensive skin you can withdraw on fanobet is? I got 300$ but they only show me some 40$ knifes and keys
BIG vs Cloud9
That was definetely the only reason they beat FaZe 16-8 /s
-xms confirmed?
-Scream +KQLY "Seriously"
Envy vs G2
super saiyan > super team
Astralis vs
hey bro, which site?
UMP = AK-47 FireRate + Famas DMG
or 300$ kill reward
Countries with no scene?
Shouldn't you be out "defending" your country by destabilizing middle east?
Countries with no scene?
gob b tabsen krystal keev denis spidii nex
post hot girl pics and gifs 18+
but it shows a real person, it looks like a real person since its created from the data of the pic which is basically the data how a girl looks not some weeb shit
[18+] shocking immigrant statistics
If you say immigrants=>explosions I should be allowed to say kurwas=>stolen cars. That's generalizing a large group of people for the things only very few do, you did the same.
[18+] shocking immigrant statistics
im making 55k/year and im in my second year after my Bachelor only, but I will call you if I need a cheap toiletcleaner
[18+] shocking immigrant statistics
>as you know big % of polish people has to work abroad so if some polish people clean our toilets and steal our cars it's okay, but if refugees to it it's bad suddenly? >about some bombs explodi...
[18+] shocking immigrant statistics
>LUL, so you think they'll just get back when the war is over or something? Yep, that's how asylum works. As soon as the homecountry of a refuggee is considered safe again, he loses his right to ...