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Richard lewis ???
holy shit its almost like words depend on context? if a drug dealer says "lide com ele" and a school teacher say the same thing does it mean that the school teacher just told someone to harm a kid? cm...
Richard lewis ???
the problem isn't that BR fans are getting baited cus we know what the Brazilian caster actually meant, the problem is all the non portuguese speakers reading his tweet and gettin baited by it, actual...
Richard lewis ???
Someone please teach this man about slangs and tell him that google translate wont work for slangs.
Richard lewis ???
Richard is the kind of guy that would google translate someone saying "i like that shit" and assume that the guy actually likes and eats shit haha.
Richard lewis ???
haha Richard can't be this dumb, its like if a non english speaker used google to translate someone saying "i liked that shit" and thought that the guy actually likes shit. what the Brazilian caster ...
yea, most people don't know but Fallen has his own peripherals brand in Brazil and its pretty popular since they have the biggest names in Brazilian CS doing the market, he sells headsets,mouses,mouse...
n0tail makes way way more than the prizepools that he won, don't forget that he is one of the OG owners which is the org that he plays for.
Fallen also has his own brand of peripherals which is pretty popular in Brazil
brazillian trap
kinda shit ngl
Guerri > Device, stats don't lie