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yea yea, if talking during a tech pause means that a team was cheating then the entire scene cheats.
deserved, thorin outdone himself this time, from tellin Device to go cry to his girlfriend to calling MIBR cheaters, too edgy m8.
BIG vs forZe
nt, a video from a conspiracy theorist that has 0 proof about what he is saying and some prints of NiKo salt that later apologized, meanwhile we have proof of BIG abusing a bug at a major in multiple ...
BIG vs forZe
haha the reason why valve said that was allowed was to prevent all the shitstorm that it would cause if they did the right thing and DQed BIG for doing it, imagine all the shitstorm since BIG abused t...
csgo rules???
the rule is in place to prevent people from making fake tech pauses to be able to discuss strats, the thing is, players still talk when tech pauses are long, it happens, but thorin being the drama que...
BIG vs forZe
isn't the videos of them abusing of bugs enough?
Thorin REKT mibr
ouch, you got him good 👌
leagues better? dude if you think that teams that abused the krieg/aug meta to get where they're right now are better than teams from back 2015/2016 you're delusional. the thing about csgo is that me...
i don't think that CS always improve, just that the meta changes and some teams can adapt to it better than others, like for instance do you think that the aug/krieg meta was an improvment to csgo? im...
MIBR>>100k viwers in regular match
he sure is
FURIA vs North
greenland xd
so by your logic if s1mple plays against Cloud9, FaZe, NiP, ang gets eliminated by EG in a tourney but gets a 1.30 rating his stats worth more than if Device plays against, Liquid, EG and Vitality at ...
Young parents vs old parents
imo the only con of having young parents is if they're broke, but if they have money its best for the kid having young parents, i know many ppl that lost their parents before they were 30.
individual stats mean nothing if you don't put them into context. S1mple has higher rating than Device but how many maps at big events did s1mple play? how many times did his team make further into e...