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valorant genius
lmao, valorant is where washedup csgo players go to end their career, tell me 1 relevant csgo player that went to valorant. i mentioned siege orgs cus siege has all the big orgs and still a small sce...
valorant genius
big orgs doesn't mean shit, i mean look at Rainbow Six for instance, Liquid, NiP, FaZe and MIBR all have Brazilian lineups and the rainbow six scene in brazil is small compared to csgo. valorant kept...
valorant genius
its funny how much Riot is trying to push that game in the media and it still goin downhill
Alts on hltv
apparently multi account isn't allowed, i had an account with over 10k comments from 2014 it got hacked, i managed to recover it but then i got perma banned, then i sent a PM to Jonatahn E and he said...
br fans
funny cus there's more threads of ppl complaining about furia fans in the active section than actual threads of furia fans
Brazilians ?
cute that u think that won in life just cus you were born in X country haha.
👌 Reply needs to have actual content
i'm a pentester, i was actually the one that baited that kid.
and he got caught, it was a bait all along.
Ez be a brazilian
Ez be a brazilian
sure, C9 fans vanished and they all became hardcore liquid fans.
Ez be a brazilian
u're probably an ex cloud9 fan like 99% of NA fans haha
Furia song?
first dude was probably mad cus the singer mentions Bolsonaro as "clown" in the lyrics, sound would be better if the singer didn't talk abut politics.
Furia song?
don't listem to him its actually good.