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Ence fans explain
IMO rn its Astralis, Liquid and Na'vi, it has to be one of the weakest years in terms of t1 teams maybe that's why ENCE managed to come out of nowhere to top 4
Ence fans explain
if liquid is not tier 1 then who is?
Ence fans explain
but it took them years of choking to finally become top 1, ENCE came out of nowhere
players that need to be saved
s1mple is a stat paddler he wont leave a team where he bait 3/4 of his teammates to join a team where other players will also be fragging
brazil, wales, south korea
s1mple by far the top 1 stat padder
s1mple overrated
yea dude, s1mple is the biggest baiter in the scene rn, idk how can't people realize it, ppl praise him for having a high amount of clutches but they fail to notice that he is almost always the last o...
its not that it isn't good, its basically non existent, i mean how can you live in EU and not even speak basic english
"JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a high-level, interpreted programming language" just cus it isn't compiled doesn't mean it isn't a programming language
Luckstralis nice gamesense haha i would say that its luck, but i love to see ppl gettin salty about it
he probably created this thread because of both maps, even in Dust 2 if CT wins the pistol and get augs early they snowball from there.
s1mple COME HERE
like the guy above mentioned you're confusing entry fragger with getting the opening kill, these two things are not related, most of the time AWP players are the ones that get first contact thus getti...
s1mple COME HERE
wtf you think that s1mple is the entryfragger? haha
Trump shows his low IQ
lmao i love how dumb trump supporters like you are attacking the source while its literally in every news site even sites like the guardian haha
Trump shows his low IQ
wtf u talking about, you should sell the coke not sniff it