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Wisla Krakow vs 2115
Pacany na lade chisto vletayt na hltv, respect
Doit vs Farm_ValutbI
ebat' ti mne fleshbekov nagnal s kaptami ahahahah
FURIA vs fnatic
I still see flashbacks of that round. I can't understand, why they're prefer boost over the site and leave it completely open. The risk not worth it, especially in 5v4
FURIA vs fnatic
This map is likely to be desider of the series, but what a shitty defense from both
Expect the unexpected. However mibr will win it anyway
OpTic vs DreamEaters
HIGHLIGHTED STATS MSL Im kinda shocked to see how k0nfig, niko and cajunb dropped in form, that's ridiculous
Zeus english
I thought after all this years in cs sphere he at least has a sufficient level of english to explain, but my god what a speach
Natus Vincere vs forZe
This mixcture of english and russian in Zeus' interview made my day
Unique vs adwokacik
ok, had to jinx it to help adwo
Unique vs adwokacik
And now is the perfect time to start choking
Maple vs BTRG
Wait for the reverse winstrike, default asian games
Natus Vincere vs DreamEaters
This is the result of elo system, DE are the lowest in the rankings thats why they are suffering
Youngsters vs Copenhagen Flames
Nu ne tak je yavno, luteishii pizdec. Always wanted CPH to achieve something, but these guys are so weird tho
Youngsters vs Copenhagen Flames
Good perfomance is a key, but not 16-3 on train against such opponent, who won convinsingly over SJ like 30 minutes ago
Youngsters vs Copenhagen Flames
I don't belive in scambet and match scripts, but still i can't find any words to explain what i've just witnessed