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worst major in history
No flag necessary, that was a good one. New contender vs old legends. It will never happen again, and that's what makes it special.
Better luck next time bud
Honestly, I'm just happy it's on Twitch. Terrible content on a not terrible service for once is by far my preference because at least then I can click off ez pz
Battle of the washed up teams
You can't even really call VP a washed up team anymore, more like a washed up org with two washed up players. The other three are still newfags so can you call them washed up?
worst major
Not a high bar. I think that bar reeks of shit.
Why even host a damn major in London? The only country in Europe that still wants to be a bitch to travel to? You know its for cost. Cluj, Katowice are both cheap ass locations. I'm sure London isn't...
which RPG should i play?
I absolutely wish there was more Western RPG's, if there was, I would be playing the shit out of them. Unfortunately, I fill the hole with Japanese ones. Newer Westerns Divinity Original Sin 2 Pilla...
Stop calling us " fox "
You didn't even participate in WW2, neutral pussies
Stop crying, go back to drinking away your troubles. It would've been 3-2 even without dive, VAR is just a scapegoat.
Thorin REKT
He already responded once in one of his vlogs. He was more respectful and quiet there, but now since he has proof? Why not call him out all the way. I mean, what's his response, one of his douchey :>'...
KQLY against Frenchies, expected!
You redo the borders. Soviet Russia decided to fuck with all ya'll with enclaves, exclaves, and just plain retardation. Hopefully, the two countries can resolve it peacefully without a northern Georgi...
Is kurdistan a country?
Never said they were, but they ARE important. Plus, China really not that bad, you can find plenty of cities you would never know about still having a huge, beautiful cityscape. inb4 it's a joke
Is kurdistan a country?
Nope, both Russia and China agreed that it is just a rogue state of Serbia (whether it is is debatable). In order to be an offical U.N. member, you need all of the big five (China, Russia, USA, France...
Fallen has Fallen
and he can't get up!