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Vitality vs mousesports
who will take this right now? is vitality tilted and mouz on fire? right now?
BIG vs Sprout
AMAZING BIG FUCKING AMAZING THIS SHOULD BE 4;1 BUT U INSTEAD OF defend bomb this fucking big noobs start to pick and die like breonze idiots XDDD fucking 0 iq branded idiots, then they defuse. THEY WE...
Monstars vs Rap Gang
alter killed 4pack with m4a1_silencer alter killed Xeppaa with m4a1_silencer (headshot) alter killed Bwills with m4a1_silencer (headshot) alter killed FaNg with m4a1_silencer (headshot) alter killed S...
fnatic vs TYLOO
fnatic vs TYLOO
TYLOOO ALL Fucking time lose stupid rounds like me on Match amking Xd they play for frags not for win gg wp
0-2 -> 3-2
g2 against fnatic (lol) 3 weeks ago fnatic was leading 2;0 and has amazing adventage in 3th game. Something like 12;6 in cs go (and u have full enemy eco), and they throw this game and then they were ...
WHERE IS KJERBA? where play right now this amazing player Kjerba? Why he isnt in optic? wtf happend with him"?
ENCE vs G2
2x in row g2 lost 5vs3 wow the fuck u can trhow this ahhahah Xd
pro100 vs Windigo
pro100 vs Windigo
hAdji killed WorldEdit with ak47 hAdji killed Kvik with ak47 (headshot) Kvik killed poizon with m4a1 Calyx killed wayLander with ak47 (headshot) Calyx killed NickelBack with ak47 (headshot) poizon kil...
pro100 vs Windigo
AGAIN THIS IDIOTS THROW ROUND WITH EARLY ADVANTAGE AGAIN Round over - Winner: T (1 - 0) - Enemy eliminated bubble killed YEKINDAR with usp_silencer (headshot) hAdji planted the bomb (2on1) bubble kil... vs Tricked
hunden real mvp
He did it, he did it again he clutch against mibr. His clutches are on high lvl, very inteligent plays. I m proud he will finally win a trophy. Gl Hunden god <3
GAMERZONE vs adwokacik
I DONT Know XD gamerzone lost arleady 4-5 eco enemy XDDD how it is possible?
GAMERZONE vs adwokacik
YEA i wish u best fortune in this match. :D hope best win