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NA CS Tiers
There's some pretty shit teams in premier, all memes aside if OCEAN can remain relevant and in a decent premier team coL could too.
NA CS Tiers
At least they are in leagues and we have recorded matches of them, you could argue that they should go down but they're winning enough to stay pretty stagnant in the lower part of pro league standings...
NA CS Tiers
T1: SK, IMT T2: C9, OpTic, TSM, Liquid T3: EchoFox, NRG, Renegades T4: coL, CLG, WFX, Selfless, Denial, EUnited, Splyce, LG T5: Mix teams of leftovers from the shuffles like MuffinLightning and Su...
1.6 legends, that playing in CS:GO
Same, it's a shame he went inactive after Team Property collapsed. Imagine if he continued his level from standing in for NiP and later on joined Kinguin with Maikel and Dennis or stuck around for Tea...
1.6 legends, that playing in CS:GO
GuardiaN played in ELO hell teams where he was always by far the best on the roster but the teams were never contenders for any tournament.
fxy0 awp ace
I've been saying for ages that fxy0 would be a massive step up from SmithZz, but since fxy0 is banned the only other decent AWPer they could realistically get would be To1nou and he's still very under...
Astralis vs CLG
how much?
TYLOO vs Immortals
I wouldn't save the good matches for the major by letting the best teams beat he shit ones in the qualifier. I'd rather the shitty teams get shit on early so that the best of the best show up in Colog...
Top 10 NA teams
If only Maikelele didn't want to primary awp again, he'd be a good fit and great for publicity.
Top 10 NA teams
I would argue that CLG is better than C9 only because they've had better results on LAN against international competition, CLG beat EnVyUs at GEC and the Major and beat Gambit who are decent, C9 hasn'...
Top 10 NA teams
1. Liquid 2. CLG (if they get a good 5th player) 3. C9 4. Optic 5. NRG 6. EchoFox (if they sign Freak they'll probably rise up the ranks) 7. TSM 8. Selfless 9. Splyce 10. CompLexity
s1mple: "Excited to play with my friends"
Not sure how credible the Reddit thread was but Liquid players apparently make 2500 a month average for Americans in 2011 was ~3300 so, it's liveable but far from lavish
c9 fix
DaZeD wasn't too shit of and IGL when iBP was challenging Europeans on LAN and consistently performing as the best NA team online and offline. I agree with you tho, swag and hiko are both lurkers so o...
Flipsid3 is an American organization, so maybe he had a meeting or something. Plus Markeloff does take a lot of vacations so he might just be living it up somewhere.
s1mple: "Excited to play with my friends"
"all that money he makes" as in the basic fucking salary he needs for paying utilities and buying food "threw away a team that has good players" who chose another AWPer over him, a role that, when ...