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USA bans Vaping
Look at all the ignorant uneducated kids on HLTV. Jesus! First, it clearly states in the headline the a US judge upheld a "state" ban, not the whole USA. Just one singular state. Secondly, there is tw...
USA bans Vaping
You have no clue what your talking about. Just stop talking.
Lucas1 taking 30 years to come from the backside train. Jesus man, get to the site.
Renegades vs AVANGAR
Train is Avangar's best map....
Mibr will lose hard
You were saying?
Bernie Sanders
Jesus, you did go to an American school, correct? So you should know we have a socialist Democracy already. And have since we came up with social security cards and our welfare system. Should I name m...
Bernie Sanders
What have you done again? Oh, that's right. You do nothing but call people brain dead idiots. Let me know when you have accomplished anything worthwhile and maybe we can have a intelligent conversatio...
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders has: -raised scholarship money for kids in Korea -was a 5 term mayor of Burlington -taught political science at Harvard -served in the HoRep from 91-2007 -became a Senator -ran for pres...
0-3 Major Berlin
Cloud9 :P
Roster Fixes
+kNgV- for who? LUCAS1 is on loan so.... This thread is crap. First you show your IQ by using hashtags and promoting the worse US president. Then you remove -NEO to add coldzera which would not help. ...
MIBR vs Renegades
So fifth place takes $30K ($10k + $20K bonus for stand-off) and 3rd gets $25K and 4th $15K? What kind of trash setup is this crap. Loser's of the semi finals should of got a chance to play the stand o...
Vitality banned
God forbid a team tries to have fun playing a video game....right? It's not Vitality's fault that betting sites got into CS. And it's sad that Valve actually banned a team for betting when they themse...
Looks like you were proven wrong seeing as Cloud9 made the playoffs in a tournament after being together for 5 days. Sucks to be wrong.....eh? :P
Cloud9 vs NRG
This Cloud9 roster could easily beat both of those teams on 5 days practice. EUnited? That has to be a troll, because they are a garbage team with no relevancy at all.
Please l2english :P