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Trump liar
You do realize the wall will only cover what the fence already covers.....Right? There is a reason there is not fences in certain areas. Some of it they do not own. And the rest is canyons. The amount...
Mibr trio toxic CONFIRMED
Yeah, he sucked. He only helped the team gain rankings. But your right, how dare he.
top 10 rappers of 2018?
You do realize Post Malone isn't a rapper....right? He has even stated he doesn't rap, he sings.
Displaying political favor-ship in the military is a direct violation and is punishable. It's in the code of conduct for almost every branch.
(Opinion) A wall is needed in the US
First off, we have a wall and over a 1000 miles of fencing along our Mexico border. Along with over 10,000 border agents. Guess what? They still get in. Building that wall bigger or adding more fence ...
Vitality vs G2
Grand final......Look to see who else was in this tournament....NOBODY. Why in the hell is this a grand final when they literally played no one else?
Refrezh > Swag
Yeah so over hyped...... as his team just made ESL Pro League and he is a stand in on a top #10 team. Where are your credentials? Or anyone else talking shit? That's right, no where....
Refrezh > Swag
You +1'd and then said it took a year to make pro league? That is actually quite incredible. Going from being banned to being in ESL Pro League in 1 year is amazing. I mean, you have played CS for how...
csgo free to play and br???
BR mode is pretty bad atm. The fact you can just look for drones and find players easily is just one of the issues. Also the map being way to small, allowing people to see other peoples drop points an...
NVIDIA 2070 wtf
Are you running a single stick of ram or two? Running just a single stick of ram could very well be your issue. Drivers could also be an issue. Make sure windows hasn't setup two sets of video drivers...
Go here: www.amazon.com/English-Grammar-Dummies-Geraldine-Woods/dp/0470546646 Once your finished, we can talk. Sound good?
Album of the year?
I see your a comedian. Exit the stage ------>
ZywOo aimlock?!
You should replay the clip with SOUND ON. Obviously he knew someone was in CT spawn, possibly two. His sound made him jump and spam an awp shot left. You do know what sound is.....right? These freakin...
BIG vs OpTic
This is the worse event I have ever watched. The casting is so terrible it hurts. 3/4ths of the time they are not even talking about the match. There was one point where n0thing got so mad about it he...
Freakazoid explanation
Swag has already stated if they have a chance at major or wanted to qualify, he would step aside for the team. This was never an issue, ever. Cooper left because he couldn't make up his dam mind and i...