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JMD vs SemperX
Deathmaker with a sexy anti-eco ace
FaZe vs SK
1. SK ban Nuke 2. FaZe ban Cobblestone 3. SK pick Cache 4. FaZe pick Overpass 5. SK ban Train 6. FaZe ban Inferno 7. Mirage was left over.
fnatic vs Liquid
Predicting a delay despite the former game ending 1 hour before this game was supposed to start.
Renegades vs Signature
Predicting that Renegades will lose, whine about technical issues publicly before putting nexa and kassad on the first plane home to Serbia with the tickets happily paid for by the rest of the team. I...
Spirit Academy vs ex-Manatee
I can really see Spirit Academy winning this, at those odds it's well worth taking the risk on them. Ex-Manatee is playing with 2/5 players of their core line-up, if you can consider "robiin" as on...
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Planetkey
LAN = 2-0 aTTaX Online = 2-0 Planetkey
Luminosity vs OpTic
Map 1: Nuke Map 2: Mirage Confirmed on the official site of the league.
OpTic vs Luminosity
Map 1: Nuke Map 2: Mirage Confirmed on the official site of the league.
Natus Vincere vs Misfits
Agent 007 Edward, reporting in!
Granted vs Zero Respect
Good to hear! Yeah, I've probably mixed those two up, it sure was many years ago. Like I said, I mostly watched him in the national team. :) Thanks for all the info!
Granted vs Zero Respect
Damn, I really hope he can show bits of his old form! He was a big favourite for me back in CS 1.6 when he rekt everything in ClanBase Nations Cup! Sad to say that I'll miss this game because of so...
Granted vs Zero Respect
Holy smokes, is that AWP-god HACKER from Delinquent Habits back in CS 1.6?
mousesports vs NiP
Agent 007 oskar reporting in!
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
Na'Vi, are you drunk? That pistol round was ridiculous.
4x FaZe vs VP
You mean his Mercedes, right?