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Hyper4mance vs beastINSID3
ez for bramz
no they can play major qual where ever they want mate
S1mple truth
talk about baitzera edit : the funny part about sk , they kick every player who can't bait properly for coldzera , if u fail to bait for him you get kicked , like taco and almost boltz
Seangares sister
how do we know if its his sister and not ur mom?
pssst , show us ur flag mate
how are we pussies when you hide behind stronger countries like usa? lul nt and dont even claim your own attacks that u do , pussies
ur so afraid of iran thats why u have so much firepower on the border with iran after attacking them in syria pussies
avicii hurensohn
+1 i really feel sad for this guy more than i do for avici atleast avici had lived a good but short life this guy will live a sad but long life
avicii hurensohn
still it wont any have influence but being a cunt in life will surely result in something bad happening to u , and its not karma , thats how life works
avicii hurensohn
I Hope you have painfull death more than his
When I was sixteen my father said you could do anything you want with your life. You just have to be willing to work hard to get it. That's when I decided that when I die, I want to be remembered for ...
TeamOne vs eUnited
what a choke in the last round
EU CS BORING ?????????????????????????????????????
thats why c9 just won against faze some hours ago
DH finals, if im wrong...
em fair enough bud
Penis inspection Day
nice copypasta mate , seek attention elsewhere