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Mayor of Gdansk
what took them so fucking long to react and take him down? like the guy was legit walking around with a knife on his hand and showing it to everybody didnt anyone notice he just went full swing on the...
Evidence vs S2N
why were they dq'd?
$1,000,000 CLP (~$1,481.80USD) are spread among the teams as seen below: The prize pool changed the same day of the final, giving the same prize to both teams. rofl?
r8 UK girl
r8 UK girl
then if you love scottish people respect what they say since on her ig she said scottish/lebanease
r8 UK girl
she looks like one of those fake taxi uk pornstars hahaha
r8 UK girl
lul? so you guys hate scottish people untill something good comes from them and suddenly you start acknowledging their presence?
Logitech HERO Sensor
i wanna get the same mouse just wondering how long does the battery last?
[18+] if you could fuck a pornstar
abella danger yes Jada Stevens wtf????
[16+] RATE ME
i think with ur face a hat would suit you good since ur hair is kinda weird imo
Saudi arabia shouldn't exist
gotta agree saudi arabia is just a rich dictatorship
expert vs Vexed
how can you get 24-2 then end up with 4-21 , this just shows that no good team will ever pick him up because he is legit the best inconsistent player in the scene
is WolfY swedish or american?
as you can see he is swedish and american
is WolfY swedish or american?
probably has dual citizenship or maybe one of his parents is american
told ya ez for bramz