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HellRaisers vs Windigo
Replt needs to have actual amount of money that you lost
Besiktas vs Hard Legion
Whats tier 5 for u lol
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
Id fuck the shit out of ur dead mom's skeleton inside her grave trolling kid
LGBTQ acceptance droping
the ex president brother was known to be gay but no one cares what we dont' like is them (the gays) shoving their shit on my face and complaining 24/7 about how they are opressed when they are not an...
LGBTQ acceptance droping
i live in algeria even tho gay rights arent publicly given but no one gives a fuck about if ur gay or not tbh , even the gov, everyone is cool with it , north african countries arent associated with...
LGBTQ acceptance droping
i don't really care if they love dick or not , what i dont' like is their way of life in public its okey to be gay you don't have to fucking look like a weirdo in public and wear some disgusting shit ...
LGBTQ acceptance droping
lgbtq isnt a thing these media giants are just feeding us this idea of being gay is fine its a disease i don't hate them , im fine with them choosing to live with this disease but what i fucking hat...
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
Bet 20$ on avangar and 1 on beski . Ur a winner anyways
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
Yup along with those arena tournaments ( i forgot their name) 8/10 of the matches were fixed
FACEIT Premium ?
Ecl legends is where the cancer is rofl
Joker movie
14.2% For example, during the 1991-2001 decade, Muslim growth rate was 29.52% (vs 19.92% for Hindus) However, Muslims population growth rate declined to 24.6% during 2001-2011 decade, in keeping with ...
Joker movie
well last time i checked muslims are like 10% percent of your country so the breeding isnt coming from the muslims its coming from ur hindus
but its been rising on a higher level these days? are you saying thats not true?
Joker movie
so you love jews and you hate muslims and you want to ur goverment to kill them ? ur probably another 15 yo virgin kid talking shit online you would not dare to even breath in public and say this ki...
guy from porn