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Heroic vs Virtus.pro
phr always so bad he should be changed months ago
INTZ vs Virtus.pro
if vp win its carry by michu/snatchie, sometimes snax/vegi for me its -phr +innocent?furlan?
Hottest pro
1. dosia 2. jw 3. boombl4
Niko just cant be IGL... They need some IGL to step in
Virtus pro #19
next ranking -11, they are MAYBE 30 +/-
jame time GO SAVE
cure my islamophobia
its not phobia, ur brain works correctly
FaZe vs Renegades
Guardian trash, totally deserved. Playing awp on vertigo that many rounds and do nothing... useless man
FaZe vs Renegades
this unnecessary agression from faze....... every map, everytime they do agression they losing round... took 2 kills, still goind for third... losers.
NEO is the problem
-guardian then - neo
FaZe vs Renegades
I dont know why Faze try stupid agression all time, for example mid pushes by niko etc, even when they make 1 kill they losing 2 players second later, not first game with same "tactic"xD If its not wo...
cant be olof niko rain botian in same team i would just stay with niko and rain and build around this maybe cold, niko, rain, flusha, krimz?
FaZe = Dead Team
btw look at niko frags now, he was star, then become igl, now hes not igl and not that good player. same happend to snax, he was star player, become igl, now hes not that good anymore even if not lead...
FaZe = Dead Team
guardian bot, missing so many shots, A mirage + mid sooooooooooo badddddddddddddddd norma igl, would switch positions after that many rounds lost
FaZe vs CR4ZY
guardian bad, missing so many shots etc