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worst pro player?
atm? friberg maybe also taz/gtr
any swedish player with 8-9 faceit rank can ez play for friberg, even pronax one tapping him, while pronax aim is like 4/10
fix NaVi
-s1mple +snax
muslims question
why arab imigrants dont go saudi arabia or emirates but they go to europe??? coz saudi arabs cant get their id and are scared of unknown people, they are smart not like europeans
fnx monki no english bb career
VP Tabsen
Poland + Ukraine = </3?
Its not really about ukrainians killed poles its about how they did it. U can try to watch Wolyn movie on net.
FaZe Fix...
magisk for sure better than ropz kid, for now ropz is still unknown, dont know why people consider him as great player
Kinguin sign Hyper
rallen was calling so maybe they should kick him then? or if hes not calling now that means its rallen who should be kicked not furlan
top 5 players 2017
1. coldz 2. niko 3. xyp9x 4. device 5. rain/kjaerbye
FaZe Fix...
Well in FaZe there is a lot lack of order. NiKo keeps pushing and throwing rounds, ok - he is great player but if we compare him to coldzera or device - they make plays but still not giving rounds so ...
Le Pen VS Macron
who cares about france, their nation is destroying themself and country lul country of degenerats, drugs, full of black and muslim people, living only on social benefits and sexually wild
Kinguin sign Hyper
lol hyper suck maybe gruby better they had innocent before also... Kinguin should think about Pride members like reatz, morelzy maybe minise
neex also good kamil luli repo tier 15
ye with drawing 1-1 and penalties or lucky 1-0, please man. Its like Greece 10~ years ago, same crap