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S1mple diss track lyrics
learn from oczosinko
Valiance IQ 0
that was so stupid, no doubt about that. Atleast boost this guy on wall or idk, they just left him on ct without granades xD 1 smoke 1 flash - they really think major winners and that experianced pla...
Vitality vs Valiance
last round, guy playing only on CT for retake so stupid, 1 smoke 1 flash and he is off XD if he plays in bs he could mby do 2 kill, still better even to lose or go for 1-1 than, than play inferno reta...
Best city in the world?
New York/ Las Vegas
Holy shit Poland
This guy had paranoid schizophrenia and its documented years ago . He was prisoner who left prison after 5~ years, he though he was innocently convicted by government in this time (5years ago by previ...
Faceit lvl = MM Rank?
I was never global, was using laptop and still made lvl 6 faceit as solo player when i wasnt even focusin on this faceit
Faceit lvl = MM Rank?
1-4 anything can be possible 5 le/lem lvl 6-7 supreme mostly
RIP Astralis
Well I think its true that it was weakest year of CS GO but still Astralis would be hard and top 3 team in best years when we had Fnatic, NIP, VP, NaVi, G2/envy, Luminosity, Dignitas/TSM. In this year...
Solid Polish tier2
stomp 24 years, not really improving, x-kom is fine but still i dont think they can be solid t2
Solid Polish tier2
We had Neex, Stomp in ROG Izak team. Where are they in PL scene? They came unexpected and still cant make progress. Its amatour tournament we cant call Tudson, Hades future of PL CS. Even in eu tier ...
3 best raw aimers of all time (csgo only)
Simple Niko Twistz
Besterest VP
gruby was igling much
Make a Team
snax niko stewie fallen shox
Besterest VP
Snax Byali Gruby IGL Snatchie Michu for sure Gruby is better than TOAO