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Astralis vs Liquid
Expected from device, only eco kills against noob teams but when it matters he does nothing
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
What, didn't you like it when Flusha almost clutched a T-side with two deagle hs but started bhoping with knife towards the bomb not giving a shit?
Coldzera Faze's fifth
If FaZe add monkey cheater I will never support them anymore
Cloud9 vs fnatic
Clown9, not even close... As usual
CSGO is dying
Yes this game is cancer right now. 50% of my games have had a player banned during the 4 latest weeks, it's insane
Ask flusha for more money to buy cheats
SK can't afford cheats anymore, heck they even can't afford bananas anymore
fnatic vs Space Soldiers
Flusha carry like always! Sending kebabs home, to bad he can't send the ones in our country home aswell
fnatic vs Space Soldiers
Fnatic playing with 4 players and bot Golden as always! Will be exciting when Xizt replaces him
FaZe vs fnatic
Golden is so shit, just kick him already
Cloud9 vs SK
Cus he's just a fuck*in banana stealer? Most two faced stupid public person I've ever been forced to hear about
Cloud9 vs SK
Is there any normal people out there who cheers for those scumbags SK? I would rather date Emilia Hult than have to be around people like them
fnatic vs Gambit
Nobody cares about baby tournaments, if you can't make it to the major, twice in a row, you are shit. Sucks, but that's the reality of it
fnatic vs Gambit
It literally was 2v5 xD maybe 3v5, flusha made some good stuff too. But them 3 + 2 bots would probably resulted in 16-0
fnatic vs Gambit
Except Fnatic actually win stuff and stay legends in major^^