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Astralis vs FaZe
Just kick device already. Positive kd against pistols and easy opponents, always negative kd against real teams with guns
Liquid vs ENCE
Don't understand the hype. Everyone knew ENCE would win, they are best!
Liquid vs ENCE
"viewers" hahahha that made me laugh. You mean 70% souvernir drop accounts and 30% actual people watching. I can safely say that I've had 3 accounts every major for drops during every game, not watche...
Cloud9 vs HellRaisers
Woxic no scope EVERY shot, maybe get better gamesense to not play awp like knife combat?
IF faze eliminated from major?
Lol, not even more medals than Fnatic
IF faze eliminated from major?
Danish boys have low self esteem and weak brains
what game takes more skill
What? CSGO is one of the easiest games to learn and master, if you want to be really good all you need is a brain to think, there's not much skill in the movement otherwise. I can think of so many oth...
Is Gla1ve cheating?
Have you ever played Padel? This is probably my first comments on HLVT for months but we used to have CS practice on set dates but I started playing padel instead and it feels so good getting excercis...
Was that a joke? Astralis has highest kills-through-smoke amount by far and nowadays no player even hides it anymore
So leave? Bye
Is Gla1ve cheating?
This, havnt watched CS for over a year, havnt played for half a year. Never been happier. Seeing all those pathetic cheaters playing video games for kids is not good for you
Astralis vs Liquid
Expected from device, only eco kills against noob teams but when it matters he does nothing
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
What, didn't you like it when Flusha almost clutched a T-side with two deagle hs but started bhoping with knife towards the bomb not giving a shit?
Coldzera Faze's fifth
If FaZe add monkey cheater I will never support them anymore
Cloud9 vs fnatic
Clown9, not even close... As usual