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not gonna happen so who cares
Liquid -steel +?
who will win
meaning normally you wouldn't bet on a roster that has been together for 2 weeks. shows they are looking pretty solid
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ah so all your shit is made from retards eh
Polish crowd - The Best
so far all non poles have agreed :) keep up your circle jerk up tho with your countrymen!
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it's a fact AUS and NA are more entertaining. goodbye
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dont fucking talk to me he edited his comment maybe next time READ dumbfuck reading skills-1337
Polish crowd - The Best
ty friend..BR crowd great as well
Polish crowd - The Best
not the women i've talked about it to ; ) the fat/ugly ones have no shame so they probably dont give a fk
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yea they've had problems recently but i mean look at starseries lol. numerous issues and they didn't even get the face cam shit working for like 3 days..everyone has issues. but because it's NA and we...
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screaming NA? don't think you know what you are talking about. actually i know you don't because our women don't like corndog penis' sorry bud.
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both there are different types of braindeads is the thing and they all dont get along
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because that sounds retarded? can't really think of any country that has 3 letter abbreviation that works. and if it really bothers you that much i dont know what to say. they cheer team names more th...
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i've seen every match of every major.
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ya im sure they would all be a huge fan of trump dont you think. the ones here already are loving the guy