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I have sex with men sometimes
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240hz monitor
For AAA games, a 60/75Hz with nice colours is much better than any gaming monitor. You won't hit high enough fps anyway.
best car brand
Ferrari Carrera
CS isnt the best esport
LOL is a much better esport than this overated trash called conter strike they still havent fixed stupid cod gun called sg553 and the glock is so bad, they should also remove flinch when you get shot ...
9 year old gets university degree :D
He can get higher degrees and be a professor at 18.
valve is dying
How is Valve on the same path as Blizzard? They are doing the exact opposite. Valve is just doing fuck-all, as usual, because they realize steam store and loot boxes can make them so much money with...
No one believes valve cares about CSGO anymore. If you see any 'stubborn kids' you are getting baited. On the upside, we have a somewhat healthy scene regardless of Valve's neglect. There are enough ...
God aim, BOT brain?
The most extreme example is definitely Felps.
APEX Hacking
SMH this tournament used Valve Anti Cheat secured servers. Everybody knows it's impossible to cheat on those...
r8 Eminem's daughter
Very basic. Rating impossible due to drywall.
sunny interview
daddy, chill
I see no point in living
Baby's first existentional crysis!! Congrats :-) The next ones will be even more fun!
Did Epstein kill himself?
Just as fucked as the children. I will see myself out.
Did Epstein kill himself?
Yes, I do believe that he broke his neck by a doingcannonball jump from a bunk bed while the guards assigned to him were sleeping and the surveillance deactivated itself. You all crackhead conspiracy ...
Report them then?