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1. Liquid 2. Mouz 3. SK 4. Faze 5. Astralis
5$ Skin fast from N1ckst4r
personal trainer (?)
F*cking br
how much?
steel (liquid)
I know that, my bad for not saying this previously, but my point is that he wasnt leading in IMT's last tournaments, major included
steel (liquid)
he wasn't the igl in IMT either, it was Boltz. I don't understand why everyone thinks he's the igl, they got him to be a support player, even though I agree he's underperforming a lot
Zews best aimer in major
If Faze loses
If C9 wins the major im gonna
If C9 wins major ty man
I'll give you AWP|Medusa FN
I give you 50$
Faze 16-13 Cloud9 16-11 Cloud9 19-15
My predictions for Round 1
HLTV is great if you ignore baiters and spammers, your point is complete bullshit
My predictions for Round 1
both BIG and Navi depend on how their star players will play, if tabsen carry the team while LEGIJA tries at least to survive, they can win; if simple plays in the same form he was playing at the qual...
My predictions for Round 1
that's a good point, but even the other pros are saying G2 were training really hard for this major, I think the will get 3-1 and take their Legends title
My predictions for Round 1
Claudião Nove TOP 1 but seriously now, G2's aggressive style kinda counters C9