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IEM Oakland so far
it is a good format, but the way qualified teams are throwing the games, is inacceptable.
i think face to face games will decide, but dunno.
Dennis new team
Old G2 lineup : dennis fox jkaem maikelele + the fifth could be stanislaw, cause why not... ?
I r8 your favorite song
As i said, triggered kid that got offended by me, saying his song is shit, having no plausible counter argument. Btw, i listened your autotuned shit, and as i said it is shit :)
I r8 your favorite song
You are an idiot cause you analyzed a song by its video, not its composer. Go listen your shit autotuned songs. Btw.. kiddo
I r8 your favorite song
14-15 y.o kid spotted. Mommy, this video is weird.. :(((
I r8 your favorite song
you are listening to this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=OYhXJaEbw7c and you say to my favorite song "wtf ?" xDDDDDDDDDD fukk off
I r8 your favorite song
?? what
I r8 your favorite song
not all songs. this song isnt boring at all, probably the best from the new album.
Kirk isnt really a shit guitarist, but you have the point here. For me the best are IRON MAIDEN/ METALLICA, its 50-50 for me :-s
at the start it was shet, but later it was ok.. anyway if we analise them, Kirk's solo here isnt good too :)
you wont believe me, but im watching it right now :D that's some telepatic shit :D
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m46Z0-HXySo What about this?
CS1.6 Is a BAD game.
You are funny tho, i was supreme when i was playing :) And im not considering that the csgo rank says something, if you think so, then you are the "shit player".