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Crazy ass white boy
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To all the people in this thread calling him a cheater, he used an exploit for one match, so many others did worse. Plz grow up
SpaceX Starship SN15
Yeah, and Voyager 1 is around 180 AU away
SpaceX Starship SN15
All they need to be able to do is compete with first class ticket prices, which are like $20,000 for ultra long haul flights. Pretty realistic if you ask me And not even SpaceX is still claiming to b...
SpaceX Starship SN15
It's not bait its just deranged. Read the NASA source selection document where they spell out the huge advantages of the starship vehicle and stress that SpaceX's development timeline and funding requ...
SpaceX Starship SN15
That common sense skeptic is brain damaged, I've seen his vids before. Starship is a valid launch vehicle and if it wasn't NASA wouldn't have selected it for the lunar lander
After vs Wings Up
Good on DD for not playing this when he knows his team is going to throw
SpaceX Starship SN15
Who cars? The moon, Mars, and Titan are all viable places for human outposts. Plus what really matters is the commercialization of Low Earth Orbit. And in 100 years if we’re ready to leave the solar ...
Chinese rocket
They’ve landed hypergolic boosters of villages twice in the past 5 years They need to learn how to deorbit safely
16-0 Archive
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2314579/imperium-vs-mineski-iesf-2017-philippines-qualifier Map 4 dispenser 33 kills, 3.45 rating, 200+ ADR
Vitality vs FURIA
jfc shoxie
NHL Kraken
top5 sexiest pro's
ReDWateR ReDWateR ReDWateR ReDWateR ReDWateR
r8 song
r8 song