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Well it's not their first lan, big stage maybe. We will see.
Well woxic is playing good, he can be slightly better then oskar in awping skills now, but when oskar was in mouz, he has been able to clutch out a lot of situations, he was the best clutch player the...
New mouse pls help
New mouse pls help
Well but it don't have any major impact..
New mouse pls help
Well if you are using brands like Trust or Speedlink, Zowie mouse will defitintely help you pretty decent.
New mouse pls help
I've got EC1-A for 2 years. Decent mouse, but i feel like something on that mouse is not ok now, sometimes it feels like sensor is not that smooth anymore and since i've got +jump on wheel up and down...
FaZe changes
Well mouz> faze without proper leader..and i still dont think that chrisJ is better leader than karrigan. I cant see who will FaZe targets as a new player. NiKo cant be IGL, we saw that in mouz.
FaZe changes
Well oskar hard caried mouz back in 2017 or at the beginning of 2018. At the end of 2018 he droped with his form and around the summer he said that he is not enjoying CS. This thing is probably gone n...
FaZe changes
Im fan of oskar, but i think this is not gonna happen. Oskar is out of form rn, it could be a new motivation for him, but hes not gonna be next FaZe target.
iphone x vs oneplus 6
Tried that with mine and thats not working.
Best possible line up to take down astralis?
OMEGALUL just put all the firepower to one team. Astralis shows that this game is not about having 5 stars in team, but NT.
kick chrisj
Mouz lose to the #1 team in the world.. kick chrisj ffs, kick styko ffs... braindead ppl.
-STYKO +cromen
Well Liquid choked that one besides that one, they did shit.
ChrisJ strats
not stats, strats, read that again poorlack
Apple is smart!
Excatly, everytime it's like.. " Yeah i've got iPhone look at it, it has new Bionic quad core procesor, retina display etc..".. Me " Yeah sounds good, how do you use it?".. new iPhone user.."Web brows...