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FaZe - olofm +TaZ
We will see, you never know. Look at xizt, step by step he is making fnatic a good team again.
FaZe - olofm +TaZ
Calm down guys, FaZe has played with this roster for a few days. Give them a chance, we will be able to "judge" them after the major.
Movistar Riders
The map was vertigo because ENCE made a mistake while banning. Movistar Riders chose to redo the bans and it ended in nuke LUL
Ence lost, so useless "ninja"
Heroic was sold off by RFRSH
They are invited to every Blast Tournament because the organiser is RFRSH, owner of Astralis, Blast and Origen( League of Legends).
-mirage +cache?
It's true that is getting a bit boring, but 90% of Top30 teams is playing Mirage. I think -dust2 would be better, or even nuke (but valve loves this map and will stay on active pool).
I don't think he will rejoin BIG's active roster, because he wants to awp, and now tabsen is doing very well.
Movistar Riders new 5th player
boddy, he speaks spanish, ez
d) -kio+jugi+k0nfig and have to play NA
Pasha is back
I really want to see pasha in a team with a good IGL, we saw what he is capable on with Taz, i think he can still do very good things, but he needs a good igl.
WESG pre G2 vs Windigo
What was that speech from boddy xDD
I don't use HBO, but does it have different packs to buy like Netflix? For example, HQ, HD, Full HD, etc. Maybe you bought a very bad quality pack for 1€ xD.
valve pls
It's -cache, they reworking the map right now, and +ccble. After finishing cache it will be -nuke. Save this post.
C9 Draken
Pretty sure will be an EU player, but don't know who, maybe again styko or smooya?