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Counter Strike player since late 2014. Esport fan since mid 2015.
Teams that I love: Astralis, G2, Cloud9
Teams that I hate: NaVi, SK
Players that I love: device, NBK, n0thing, kioshima
Players that I hate: Coldzera, Fallen, s1mple
Favourite event: Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca 2015
Favourite casters: DDK & Barldoph
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Top 10 IGL
cmon, I dont like SK, but everyone has to agree that Fallen is a top IGL no matter what. Also about the video that you've posted. That decision to push banana was made by felps, he apologized for it o...
n0thing New Team
shazham can be pretty decent still (atleast I think), I would be pretty worried about sgares and especially Hiko tho, and freak is pretty much a question mark
Well, its not like he's gonna miss those couple of millions
Best 5 animes ?
Nagi no Asukara Angel Beats! Hibike Euphonium Shirobako Zankyou no Terror It seems im the first one with a buch of "slice of life" animes, lol
Latvia basketball
I r8 your game taste
1. Borderlands series 2. Age of Empires II/Age of Mythology 3. Stardew Valley
Real top 5 awpers
If you wanna talk about consistency, there is no way GuardiaN can be on the first place. He can have a huge impact, but he's nowhere near the level of consistency than (for example) device has.
Then try hardcore ''mode'' Highest difficulty, u cant use the map, u cant fast travel, u cant use carriage. Enjoy...
The first 10 episodes can be boring or annoying to somebody, but with episode 11, the show really picks up the pace and after episode 13, the emotions will really start to flow through you. Well.....
*Nagi no Asukara 10/10* That's my boiiii
Yeah, after the battle with Pain, the series really started to fall apart. From that moment, it was never the same good old Naruto we once knew..
I agree. Shippuden had great episodes (Team Obito filler, Minato x Kushina filler etc.) but overall it had many more boring episodes and arcs than entertaining ones.
Original Naruto was good, but Shippuden is a bellow average anime in my opinion..
NBA best players
All star dream team: Paul Harden James Davis Cousins/Gasol My Dream team Paul Thompson Hayward Griffin Gobert
best hltv meme?
Are you fuck you?