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HellRaisers vs Renegades
Rng wouldn't want to play overpass If that became the decider map then hr would take the series
TyLoo vs Renegades
I feel like it actually could have been k0nfig or nahte maybe Cajun even
TyLoo vs Renegades
nifty said they had 3 players that they could choose from/looking into who were available jkaem hs i wonder who the third was? would have been one of the free EU agents at the time imo
Thorin on C9
Too bad a lot of people struggle to respect him when it comes to the knowledge and insight he gives - mainly just butt-hurt fans who get baited by his tweets.
TyLoo vs Renegades
Finally a good match drawn for rng Surely they can't disappoint now
dennis flusha lekr0 draken olof
Can GtR/Olof/f0rest get back?
I think Shox and Snax can definitely Olof is already playing well and I think its absurd if anyone truly believes that he can return to the dominance he is renowned for I beleive both f0rest and gt...
he wasn't bad in DIG but he wasn't great Also the level of competition that he faced in that team wasn't very high. He did play against some good teams when in DIG but he didn't exactly do that well -...
how is he underrated? he was absent from the scene and didn't have anywhere near the level of performances or success that he had on that G2 lineup he was also overhyped and it should be normal for pe...
jUsT gO aWaY lOsEr JkAeM wAS nOt TiEr 1
Renegades vs fnatic
This is bait right?
Renegades vs fnatic
Great CT comeback from RNG Despite this amazing map win i still cant help but be frustrated with their T-side performances where they've looked very weak. Could be because of jkaem being so new to the...
Liquid vs
Should be a 2-0 for Liquid
Best swedish csgo player of all time
Currently I would say Olof