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why fortnite best
Fortnite by far >>>> Shit:GO. The only thing that tops Fortnite by CSGO is the esport scene. You can't compare "fortnite's esport scene" with CSGO's. CSGO is surely superior of Fortnite in this catego... vs Space Soldiers
they should simply disband :( vs Space Soldiers
are you serious? pasha has been their most consistent player yes he has some here ond there some bad games but snax and byali are the bigger problems included with neo
North vs
now north will win the series :D
North vs
i don't understand it. VP in 2k18 it's tough to describe. Should've been 2-0...
Heroic vs
16-1!! on dust 2 wtf. did i miss?
Heroic vs
lmfao he has been their most consistent player since february 2017 you fool (ofc he had some reall horrible games no doubt about that, but he played mostly good and impactful
Heroic vs
yeah serbian dumbass kick their best player vs AVANGAR
pasha > michu and snax vs AVANGAR
pasha > michu
totally agree with your analysis. Pasha is actually since february 2017 the most consistent player^^ obviously he had some downs too. vs GODSENT
nah not even online*^ vs GODSENT
twist > pasha are you high? thats why pasha destroyed them on lan you fish vs Windigo
actually papa is still consistent yeah he has there on here some bad games but mostly he is doing his work ;-) vs Windigo
no but vp can release them,but it seems like that VP earns way too much money with this players. the organisation probably doesn't care about their wages and their owner is a billionaire..