Forum posts vs Vitality
really that is interesting. I always knew that taz wasn't the problem (in terms of motivation) vs Vitality
you are talking how neo and pasha is but michu and snatchie are sure not better and they are almost a decade younger than pasha and neo. snatchie and michu are shit. they have no talent like s1mple a... vs Vitality
+1000 that would be awesome bro
gla1ve cheating
check the post under you bro! so fucking true. bet most of out "pro players" started to hack. players like WalleN, shtzera, asstralis, - most of them are/were surely hackers
gla1ve cheating
+100000 Imagine Valve banning Major winners (the only selfsponsored tournament by Valve) that would kill their reputation
stupid? I really suggest you to watch all the game infront of Polnish crowd without VP's attendance stop spreading typical bs
lucky piece of shitters beed to hack vs vp luul
csgo is not about skill it is how lucky you are or how oftenly you easily hit your shoots through smoke reason why astralis is no #1. no skill only luck
North vs
the biggest anal cancer of the humanity calls a good guy cancer? find the irony you piece of shit
Give BLASTPro a Major !!!
stupid?? Krakow or Katowice has a ridiculous atmosphere even when VP was not playing so stop spreading this bs
[+18] Sex Overrated
no need for an apologize. i've to apologize to you, cuz i called you retarded..
[+18] Sex Overrated
I never said anything like that lol. i simply said that sex in a lovely relationship is better than sex without feelings...
[+18] Sex Overrated
[+18] Sex Overrated
and if you have a pretty/hot girlfriend you know what it will do^^^