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Girls are stoopid
Nah bro I meant 1 out of my ex's 20 friends was smart.
Girls are stoopid
Yeh I understood you wrong. And you probably have decent chances scoring a finnish gal by acting dumb coz only 1 of my ex's friend was smart, or seemed like it. So there's about 1 in 20 chance you enc...
Girls are stoopid
If you knew me, you'd know im the opposite of arrogant, but what ever, you don't so doesn't really matter. Anyways, in my experience most (if not all) women say they like intelligent men, but in reali...
Girls are stoopid
And if you have enough self respect not to beg, they'll feel like you guys don't match together.
Girls are stoopid
Indeed, most girls feel threatened when they realize that their date is smarter than they are.
Girls are stoopid
Unluko i guess
Girls are stoopid
Should've taken her to mcdonalds tho
OP forgot about the greatest upset team out there: the CSGO division of the finnish e-sports company named ENCE
Girls are stoopid
How much did you pay for the date?
Girls are stoopid
1. You dont talk about controversial things with girls 2. Dont try to use logic or reasoning with girls, wont work
And how is that?
Show us your gaming drink!
It can be made better. Nobody is arguing water is useless u numbnut
bro this just happened to me. I thought she was on her periods, but then the ''quietness'' kept on going, I even asked her why don't we speak like we used to? turned out she was planning on leaving me...
Why is Ence a meme?
I'd like to correct that nobody actually thought that ence would be anywhere close top 10. Natu said something like that in an interview and started the ''ence top 10 meme'', then it changed to ez4enc...